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Relived by the fact that my Dad and I had actually no problems whatsoever arriving in Costa Rica I had two feelings. One being, well this is a good sign! The second being, the Arnold's never have good luck..we've been cursed. Turns out my second feeling, was correct. We arrived to the airport in a town called Saint Jose to come to find out that our destention was 4 hours away and that the car rental area wasn't even located in the airport; already our luck was changing. Finall,y finding our way to the car rentals, something I never thought I would experience came reality. While waiting for our car a 6.5 earthquake decided to take place right beaneath our feet!  While I'm trying to contain myself from running around like a chicken with it's head cutt off, the residents simply stand there and continue their conversations like this is a daily thing. Finally, I mentioned the unordinary fact that I was losing my footing and how remarkable it was that no one else was feeling this!  A resident laughs in my face and says that they're just so use to it and not to worry, so after being laughed at for basically sweating all fluids my body contained, I setteled down and we were on our way to wherever we ended up. That was the most exciting part of this trip, was that we didn't have a deadline to get anywhere and we did as we pleased, although driving on our own in a forgien country definately has it's downsides, which we quickly learned...We somehow ended up on this winding road in pitch dark, with no signs or lights to help us figure out where we were. Finally, we came across a building that looked half presentable with a big O' sign displaying " HOTEL".  As I wait for my Dad in the car, I hear a bloody scream coming from the room that the car was pulled infront of, after that everyone including my Dad ran outside, he hopped in the car and off we were once again! Two hours later we arrived in what looked like a local town, and again we came across another hotel, except this one was much more welcoming with a kind greeter and family to help us get setteled. Although the rooms had no water, and had stained sheets with only God knows what, it was better than the mystery screamer. Come morning, we deicde to take a walk on the beach before we headed out again. Walking along my Dad made jokes about how the cocunuts  kind of looked like heads just rolling around, that was funny until we looked a little ways down the beach to find a dead body lying with caution tape surrounding it. My Dad and I froze with our jaws down to the ground in shock of what our eyes had just witnessed. Slowly we backed away, and again jumped in our car and sped off to our next destination. Arriving at a town that was more based for tourism along with staying in the nicest resort I have ever seen, our luck was starting to turn around. That was until, I drank ants in  my juice, was bit by a tick which left a bump the size of a bean, got burnt on only my right side, and was forced to take off all my clothes to get a massage from an old non- speaking english woman in a room with no curtains for the world to see.  I am SO glad all of this happened because this is one trip I will never forget!

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