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When I first heard my mom boasting of the fact that we were going to Vietnam as out vacation destination, I immediately dreaded the idea, but honestly I don't know why. I don't know if it was because I was  dreading the fact of entering an airport or because I was heading to a destination that I've never been. I knew I  wouldn't understand a lick of what's being said to me, nor can I reply.

                Its the day of our departure and my family and I are waiting at the airport for hours. I was anxious but excited at the same time. I never been on an airplane before, but my brothers have. It was exhilarating sitting with my brothers waiting for the plane to take off.


The Plane started moving and my brothers and I immediately gazed out the window and watched as the plane accelerated its speed wile tilting to an angle. This was an amazing sight to be able to look outside and be thousands of feet in the air. Everything looked so peaceful green and blue.

                We arrived to Vietnam late in the night, almost midnight give or take. The second I opened the door to set foot outside, a gust of thick hot hair rushed to my face, immediately chocking me. my brothers and I found it unbearable to breathe. Our bodies felt sapped of moisture, and we immediately felt dirty because of the hot air sitting on top of our skin. While we were driving to the destination of our stay, I was taken back from what I was seeing. It's hard to describe but the atmosphere felt so chill and extremely different from that of America, Which is so busy. I mean it was also busy here, extremely busy in fact, but it was beautiful. The majority of people drove bikes, scooters or just walked. We arrived at our stay and slept, for it was a long tiring day. My mom made contact with a family friend, a special someone who took my mom in from the streets as a child. This special someone is later known as Grandma. My brothers and I arrive at Grandma's home where she prepared a room for us to stay. 

                Its impossible for me to describe a six week long vacation in Vietnam in such a short essay, but all I can say was that I learned so much. Such as to appreciate what I have, the home I have and the family I have because others aren't as fortunate as I am. I grew up with opportunities that others aren't blesses with and this wouldn't have happened if my mom wasn't a strong person as she is. She grew up in Vietnam as a homeless child who traveled to America and made something of herself.  This was also a reason for my family's trip to Vietnam; in order for her to reunite with her family and long lost brother, but also for my brothers and I to meet the family that we never knew we had. We had good times, such as hanging out with our family in a big group, laughing, eating and enjoin g each other's company. Going to theme parks and traveling to beaches after beaches and mountains high in the sky. We made new friends who we'll never forget and family who we'll always love. We had bad times too, such as losing personal items, and having a flood on my 16th birthday! But when I really think about it, we didn't have any bad times.


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