The Neverending Night - My Family Travels

     We made our way down the darkend walkway to the dimly lit house on the corner. All that was heard was the slap of our feet hitting the concrete beneath us. Soon enough, my grandmother's beautifully decorated house began coming into view and sudden laughter echoed throughout the night sky. An overall sense of togetherness overwhelmed me as we pushed our way through the gate and into the backyard. Instantly greeting us were outstretched arms and many kisses upon our cheeks. The aroma that overtook my nose was a mixture between various herbs, spices, and ingredients. No sooner had we gotten there were two full plates of food placed in front of our face practically looming over us. Rice and beans spilled over the side, lightly seasoned and golden brown chicken sat atop the rice and a honey glazed roll balanced on the edge.


      After devouring the food and participating in multiple conversaqtions during the meal, we were suddenly whisked into a vast room and asked to dance. Bachata music blasted through the speakers and spilled throughout the house. I slowly melted into the rhythm and became one with the music. The beats overtook my feet and I was passed around the room to many family members. We soon tired and began a midnight chase throughout the backyard. Many hid behind rocks, trees, and even in tiny shrubs. Surprises lurked behind every corner and soon enough, multiple people were being thrown into the pool and wrestling in the grass. Of course, it wasn't all chaos. Some adults stayed in the corner and talked about anything and everything, uncles began falling asleep on the couches, and babies continuously bothered everything. Women yelled at children as chilred yelled at each other.

      As everything slowly began to calm down, the women took over the kitchen and began cleaning as the men rounded up the children and set them down to a movie in the living room. Blankets had then begun to litter the floor and pillows were made into a fort/ The adults began hibernating to the back to get away from the chaos and have time to just talk with no worries. Out in the back, the soft croak of the frogs and gentle purr of the crickets were heard. Overall, it was very serence compared to the exuberant party that had just happened hours before. Kids slowly began dozing off into a slight sleep and the house slowly hushed. it was nice to jsut have the sounds of natur be the only music.

      Nobody had kept up with the time. Realizing it was almost two in the morning, the families silently scurried about the house to gether their belongings. Children sleepily stumbled over their own feet to the awaiting cars. Adults hugged and placed a kiss upon one another's cheek. One by one, the house slowly declind in population like a suddenly deserted ghost town. Aunts and uncles gathered all their leftovers, blankets, and children and headed on their way home. Friends had begun to desert the party earlier in the night. Soon, there were only five family members left to clean the mess.

     Picec by piece, the house slowly came back together and restores to its original state. As we bud our goodnights and farewells, a pure sense of happiness overtook my heart. Now, it was time to go home. As I reminisced about that night, I lay down back into my bed and smile a genuine smile. As my eeyes closed, it was then time to conclude the never ending night and make it a forever lasting memory.

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