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I've been to Tijuana with my family so many times. The rides there are a pain, but once I get out the car I am glad to have come because I get to run around. Mexico is our native country it's no wonder I feel so attached to this country. Our summer home there is beautiful, at least to my eyes it is. Whenever I go downtown the people are very nice as to move aside when I need to pass through. It's true that there is a lot of poverty but the people make the most of what they have to make it look as beautiful as possible. Some are so poor That they live on the father side of down town. It is very sad to see this because this country has such great potential to make things better. At least there is some beauty and i get to enjoy it as much as possible.


There are many five star restaurants to go to in Tijuana, but that is not the fun part. The fun part is going to the street fairs, arcades, and year round fairs. It is also very fun to go to the beach because we always get to fish and enjoy the water, also we get to watch sea life in the little pools on the rocks. We would even catch fish with our bare hands! Some of the fish we caught where pregnant or carrying baby fish inside them so we would "preform a c- section" on them and put the baby fish in the little pools of water found in the rock. The pools had plenty of food and other fish for the babies to survive, so we would set them free or put them in a protective space if they were still eggs. We would eat delicious fish tacos there and at our summer home, it would and always will be awesome. 

The people all over Mexico are very nice and hospitable as long as you are nice back and respect their traditions, that's why it is so great coming to Tijuana. Sure there are crimes, but what country doesn't have crime? No country is perfect, but no other countries look alike in beauty either. The adventures I have had in Tijuana, Mexico I will always remember, from the time we caught a snake to the times I rode my motorcycle around the place. I remember every detail from each adventure. From the beautiful flower fields to the odd looking trees. The clubs at night are fun to be in, it's fun to watch the people dance and laugh at each other when one gets way too hyper or has too much to drink. It's very fun going to the many places in Tijuana. That is why Mexico is my favorite vacation spot for me and my family.

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