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Eight weeks before one of my dreams actually became reality, I found out we were leaving to the country where half of the blood running through my veins belongs; Ecuador. The images and words could have been seen coming out of my head because all the excitement I had was unbearable. The day I stepped outside the airport onto the Ecuadorian soil I just took a breath in and looked around. Not even seconds of being there I completely fell in love. It was just like falling in love with my boyfriend again, but with a little less romance. As the colors surrounded me along with the happy smiles of the people, I felt as if I was home. My family and I planned to stay to here for two weeks; it was a perfect amount of time.

          I saw exotic animals in the Amazon, along with some exotic residents. I saw how people currently lived in the Amazon, and that is one of the main memories I will forever carry in my heart. The people who live in the Amazon have to catch their own food, make their homes, and support their family all at the same time. We took a tour of the land, with the help of the hotel we stayed in, La Casa del Suizo. I got to see first hand how animal traps were made, and how the woman in the area gave birth; that made me never want to have children, ever. Unlike the people in the cities these families don’t have any transportation besides their feet and maybe a boat if they are lucky. I’ve never felt so bad for people in my entire life. I wanted to help them, but want could I do? They knew more about life and how to survive than I did, and just giving them money wouldn’t really help. I soon realize after my mother had explained to me that it was alright that these people are living like this. They have grown up all their lives in these conditions and now they are use to it. They know how to survive and how to cope with all their daily situations. Not everyone can be raised the same and this is why diversity exist.

          To finalize I would say that I am happy to be blessed with a home. Maybe not the homes millionaires live in, but a home I can be warm in. I am blessed with food and a bed, and I didn’t even have to work for it. It amazes me how people complain when they can’t get the newest Jordan’s or the hottest car out there. I’m not going to lie, yes, this was me, but remember, I said “was.”

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