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About 6 years ago me and my family went to a trip to El Salvador located on Central America, this was a special trip for me because I was going to go see the place where my parents grew up and were they were raise as young kids, not also that, but I will get the chance to see some of my aunts or uncles that I never met before in my life. Also this was important to me because it was a new way to experience life in a whole new level because Salvador isn’t really a modern place or rich place, it lacks on modernization.

I got the chance to experience the way people live over there without technology or modern stuff like the things I have in Los Angeles. It was a little bit difficult at first week at Salvador because I wasn’t use to talking Spanish all the time because all the people at Salvador only speak Spanish. The weather was way different form Los Angeles, the weather at Salvador was out of control because some days it will start to rain really hard and then clear up in an hour and it got real hot. At the beginning I wasn’t real happy to be at Salvador, but as I got use to it.

The trip started to get fun because I got a chance to see Salvador’s side of it beauty of nature. While at Salvador, I was staying in my grandma’s shop and every night we would just talk on the table and eat pupusas and stay up late. I will also go to a lot of places with my family; we will go to the beach or just cruise around the forest or go to the temples. The best part of Salvador was riding in the back of the trucks and it was fun because sitting in the back of the truck a lot of wind will blow at you and it was so fresh to be at the back of the truck. This trip show me a lot about my culture and family and this trip allowed me to spent a lot of time with my family and just have a good time at Salvador. The trip was getting better and better and day by day I started to do things I never done before in my life. One of these things was ride a horse and go to places I never seen before with the horse. Other thing was learn how to make cheese and try new type of food I never tasted before in my life. Also the best part of the trips was the food because they have so much different kind of food to eat and make than in Los Angeles.

What this trip shows me was that I got to appreciate a lot more because at Salvador a lot of people are thankful for small things such as socks or new shirt. That shows me that it’s tough to live in Salvador because not everyone can afford stuff. Some parents can’t afford toys or school supplies, shoes or clothes for their children’s. Some children’s have to be walking barefoot and they have a lot of cuts on their feet and also cause they can’t afford to get clothes they sometimes have to be naked or just have their under wears on. This trip taught me a lot and am thankful for the parents I have and how they support me and it also showed me that I really have to appreciate every small things I get because people at Salvador don’t get that a lot and it just sad seeing this but the trip was a lot of fun and it taught me a lesson about life and I am thankful for this trip.

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