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On May 25thto May 29th 2012, I went to South Haven, Michigan. In this new city; I laughed and relaxed and was able to appreciate something more than just myself. I went with my mom, my brother, and my best friend, Erica. I do not prefer my mom’s 2009 Honda accord, especially when it’s filled with four adults and our entire luggage.  Talk about packed like sardines… After 3 long hours in the back seat I was ready to reach our destination. However, with it nearly dark and no street lights it was hit and miss on reading the street names. After being lost for nearly an hour and everyone’s frustration levels rising to full capacity-we finally got a hold of the owner. She was very friendly and directed us to the cabin.

 The community was gorgeous- the dirt road was covered in shade by the tallest trees I’d ever seen, the air smelled clean, and sweet from the wild flowers that covered the grass. Our cabin sat by Lake Michigan. Although the flies were ginormous and scary, I sat by the water and was able to just think.

We went into downtown South Haven and walked around. We walked at least 6 miles, my feet were killing me, but I had a great time. We went to the city St. Josephs and climbed a huge sand dune- it was hard man!! It was over 80 degrees outside and my friend Erica and I were the only ones who took on the challenge. With the encouragement, force and at some point’s bribery from Erica, she and I made it to the top of the dune. When I got to the top I felt accomplished, it was worth the sweating, the whining and the burning in my legs to be able to look out and see the beauty. I also have a huge fear of heights, and when I climbed to the top and looked- I felt scared but I overcame something that I have feared since I was 8. That was a huge accomplishment for me as well and I felt like I could do anything and I could go any distance.

I had a lot of time to think on this trip which is a first for me considering all the other trips I’ve taken before it have been to theme parks. This trip was for relaxation, instead of for thrill. This had a major impact on me because I got to see a part of Michigan I never would have been able to. I got to see how beautiful this planet can be and it really got me thinking about what I can do for my planet. I got to spend a lot of time with my 3 favorite people being my mom, my brother and my best friend.

My best friend and I have just finished high school, she is leaving out of state and this trip was like “a last hurrah” before we parted. This trip was eye opening for me because not only did I realize I was losing my best friend… but I realized I too was beginning my life.

This trip tested my boundaries, my likes and dislikes. I had several epiphanies including my fear of heights, my relationship with my brother, my life after high school, and my relationship with nature. I’m glad I took this trip with my family because it was a great change from theme parks and rollercoasters; it showed me the beauty of nature and allowed me to relax and think about my future.

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