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Growing up, God was always a part of my life. I knew that he did great things for me and the people around me, and I knew that he was the highest of the high. However, I've never had a personal relationship with him until summer 2009 when I went to Young Life camp for the very first time. Young Life is an organization for high school students to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I joined my freshman year when my coach bugged me almost every day to become a part of it. At first I hesitated because I thought that it would be just like being in church or something, but after a semester, I finally gave in. The first time I went was amazing, nothing I expected. Everyone was dancing and singing and having a great time. We played games, and since I was new, I had to play one for competition. We had to dip our face in chocolate syrup and find the Vienna sausages. Man that was a mess. But after all the fun and games we sat down and listened to one of the leaders speak about Christ. They had my full undivided attention. It’s nothing like church. In church you’re being preached at, but in Young Life, you’re being talked to. So that day, I became an official member, and came to every meeting afterwards.

During most meeting the leaders informed us about summer camp. It was called Sharptop Cove, located in Jasper Georgia. They said we could take a week away from all of our troubles at home and spend seven days with God. I was a little hesitant at first, but Coach T said, “Don’t let money stop you from having the best days of your life!” Lucky me, I ended up going and I have to say, Coach T was on point with the advertising. There was nothing but nature and the spirit of God in store for us. No electronics whatsoever. The scenery was beautiful, the lakes, the mountains, the hills, everything! But of course we weren’t going to live like cave men. We had a swimming pool, volleyball and basketball court, game rooms, and kayaking.

Every day we spent there we had a new task in getting closer to God. I’ve experienced things there that I would have never experienced if I had stayed home. Everyday my heart got lighter. I couldn’t explain the feeling, all I could say was that it was a good feeling. The last night we spent there, our final task was to find an area on the camp site and not speak at all. Just talk to God. It was so pretty that night. The combination of the fireflies and the stars made me smile all together. There were a set of stone steps outside with a thick rail on the side of them. I hopped on the rail and laid down on it, looking into the sky and having a nice conversation with him. Concluding our conversation, I asked him, “Lord if there’s anything I need to do to be even closer to you, please let me know and I’ll do it.” And I’m not kidding when I say this, the camp leaders started humming a song and you could see a trail of lighters leading to the club house. There, we were informed that there would be a walk into Christianity in the morning. At that walk we were walking into not only becoming real Christians but walking into a relationship with Jesus Christ. There we all accepted Jesus Christ as our lord and savior for the very first time. The only thing greater than that was walking into the clubhouse for the final get together and having everyone applaud for us. It was very unexpected and very pleasing.

Since then my life has been on the right track and God has never let me down. I’ve brought my new and improved attitude back home to Texas and even spread a little word here and there. I’ve been living a positive lifestyle since then and it’s all because of Young Life camp.

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  • TMartin

    What a testimony!! Thanks for posting. You don't know how impactful this is. Let Jesus keep using you for His glory. 😉

    I was saved in August of 2009. I was in my parents's room and we all prayed for m, becuase I was tired of not having a desire for God. There I gave my life to Him and let Him be my Lord. I already excepted Him as Savior, but though it was a license to sin. Thatt day, though I wanted to repent of my sin and let God lead me. Lord and Savior go hand-in-hand. My life is changed. Now I have convictions and am learning so much about seeking God, because He is seeking me. It's awesome to live in the security and hope of knowing I will see Him one day in heaven. I am so glad He lives in me, because my goodness outside of Him is nothing. I don't know what I would do without Him.

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