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I believe that experiencing places on this beautiful earth that God created brings me closer to Him, provides insight on how everyone is unique, and presents the opportunity to enrich myself through means of history, friendships, and self discovery. Only a couple of summers ago I gathered that plus more when our family vacationed to the little town of Koshkonong, Missouri. I remember our trip clearly, dad had come home from a long day at work, washed up, and unexpectedly pulled out our friend Lola the GPS. Next thing mom, my little sister and me knew was that we were on the road bound for Koshkonong- thirteen hours away from our home in Georgia.


Now, according to my dad, getting to your destination is only half the fun, and I will have to admit he is right to an extent. We got a move on in Atlanta, and after a few more hours of traveling the night fell upon us, but we pushed onward through the dark keeping each other awake with stories, loud music, and extremely bad singing in which we erupted with laughter at each other. At around three o’clock in the morning after surviving the old Memphis, crossing who knows how many states, pigging out at McDonalds at midnight, and going down a seemingly endless road we had arrived at Mammoth springs, Missouri- ten minutes from Koshkonong where my grandpa lives. We decided to rent a motel room and not wake grandpa so early and get some sleep before heading over to his place in a few hours.

When we awoke and officially arrived in Koshkonong I found myself immersed in an ocean of rolly hillsides, stretches of farmland that continued past your eyes, and a small town atmosphere filled with homely, down to earth people- this was where my dad was raised. Before that moment I had thought I had been from a small country town like what is depicted in books, but I was wrong. I discovered that my hometown was huge, modernistic, and more of a small city compared to the spec of a town Koshkonong was. The physical atmosphere mystified me by it’s green, lush, rolly fields with almost magical rays of sunshine glistening through the tree tops. I had seen yet another breathtaking place God had astonishingly created.

At grandpa’s house we were welcomed with smiles, hugs, and a brand new face, Grandma Glenda (grandpa had remarried). They have their own farm where they produce a majority of their own food and raise hundreds of goats to sell at the market. Every morning and afternoon we would find them at the barn milking and feeding the nearly three hundred goats, but the rest of the day hours would be spent with a few chores, enjoying nature, and long conversations about anything and everything.

One long, warm afternoon we all headed to Aunt Judy’s house for a gigantic family cookout, I had no idea I had so many relatives. Each and every person there had a beautiful down to earth essence about themselves and proudly filled me in on family history, friendly advice, and how to make good food- there was an entire workshop filled with homemade dishes!

The trip to Koshkonong showed me the never ceasing beauty of the world God created, different unique aspects in people and everyday living, and the overflowing love of good people. Not only was this a great experience for me but it provided me an opportunity to spend time with my family and create memories that I will cherish a lifetime.


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