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My European trip was not just an amazing experience; it was 19 days filled with many mind-changing events along with hilarious and unforgettable moments. As I traveled with People to People Ambassador Programs I had the opportunity to make the world my classroom.

First stop, Italy. We settled at the Clelia Palace Hotel and then walked through Italy, which was like being a reporter, I wanted to look everywhere, I wanted to be everywhere, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any story or event. All the old buildings, enormous churches, beautiful sculptures, and even the graffiti came all together to express their history and culture.

Some of the things that I learned and that also caught my attention the most about Italian culture was their passion for soccer, their way of transportation by motorcycle or bicycle, the fact that ice isn’t very popular for beverages, and also how very important bread is for every meal of the day.

I visited the Roman Forum, in Rome, Italy, which was the center of ancient Rome, this place holds what was the Temple of Vesta, which is now a days just ruins, but once held the eternal sacred flame which represented the everlasting nature of the state and could not extinguish or else Rome would be doomed. Italy was to me like a history book came to life.

My next visit was Austria, I stayed at the Eventhotel Pyramid Hotel and then got the chance to visit a medieval town, which was great because I had the opportunity to watch them make flour by using a mill, which I’ve never seen before.

One of the many characteristics of Austria that amazed me was the great amount of mountains and hills. Some friends and I actually decided to walk to the top of one of the hills, which didn’t seem so hard, but it turned out to be a very far walk.  When we got to the top, one of my friends decided to run down the hill and she was going at such a high speed that she tripped, fell, rolled down a little and made it the funniest moment I had in Austria.

Just like Italy, Austria also had some history in it. I visited one of the concentration camps and came to discover how inhuman people have been before. I got to walk on the same streets and paths where people years ago walked, leading to their own deaths. I was in shock to hear the process in which these people had to go through. Once someone wasn’t useful, they would make him or her think they would shower, but were really put into gas chambers to be killed.  Of course we have all heard about the concentration camps, but to actually stand in the exact same spot where those people stood years ago, really changes the way you perceive it. This was really an unforgettable moment.

Finally I visited France. I wen to the Chateau de Versailles, this is a palace with many beautiful paintings and a symbol of monarchy. After this visit I went to the Eiffel Tower, which was the most breathtaking moment of the trip. Standing on the 3rd floor of the Eiffel Tower looking down, made me realize how much I can actually achieve. Who would’ve thought I would’ve ever been here. If I was able to get there, I am able to go much farther.

Here is a video i made after the trip, enjoy:

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