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After the continuous 15-hour drive of driving across the destined states with my family we were finally eligible of having our toes sink into the balmy conditioned ocean water from Orlando, Florida. It dances graciously with the sun's vibrant reflexes while it sweeps me with its sweet scented, salty tasting air. This pleasant light touch of the summery fragrance of the wind breaks a warm smile to my face as I glance throughout this glistening sea. I was finally able to have the privilege of exploring this city in an open-minded fashion.  “What took time so long to finally take me here?”

The sun was eventually setting in the distance behind its home of the crisped palm trees, and I took noticed of how the sky was in a layout of a flushed spillage of pastel watercolors in the evening sky. Leaving me feeling breathless behind this astonishing vision it gives me a tingle of an imprint of a fanatical dream instead. As I’m standing on a compacted hotel balcony I pause for a while as I hear a group’s collection of chuckles in the background. It was just an abrupt treble of a group of teenage girls giggling in a boisterous harmony. I sit here by myself nonetheless. This was certainly not the opportunity I wanted to lose grasp of, and not even if I had the possible chance to steal another hopeful glimpse the next day.

The next day was sweltering from the sun’s warm breath. Although it was leaking through my beige arms, it only left a toasted tan on my sun blocked scented arms. Without much thought I jumped into the chilled pool, letting the tub of cerulean, sky blue dissolve my worn body. I laid my head onto this hue of blue as I allowed my body to float, allowing the swiftness of the water to move me instead. The sky is only gazing at me with its clear pure clouds, giving me Florida’s same alluring spell. Everyday here felt like it was always going to be impeccable, but being raised as only child and not knowing much people on the trip made it seemed as if I had taken a different route all along. I sometimes felt that the only way to find happiness was to feel accepted by a field of acquaintances, even if they did feel like strangers. Glancing from the corner of my eye the same groups of teenage girls were huddled together, and they seemed to be in a phase of nonstop chuckling.

Despite this sense of feeling isolated, I took in a realization of the things I’m surrounded with: a pool, beach, transportation, security, home, and a family. There really was nothing to be having anxiety over for all I knew. Sometimes when you’re placed in a home where you’re adjusted to having everyday you forget the worth that it once had. Confronting myself with unpleasant thoughts because of not being accompanied by “friends” was something I didn’t want to eventually disrupt my opportunity of sight seeing of the merciful sea creatures or the gracious animals at Sea World. I learned how happiness is a gift that should be shared in the present so it can be kept for the future. 

I took in so many things from this trip, and I regret nothing out of this fine weather adventure as I discharge myself back into the car van a week later. Home was certainly not missed.

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