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Road trip! This time more prepared, lengthier and more sightseeing. Seriously, what’s a road trip without sightseeing, it’s a sign that we learned substantially from our last trip to Canada. My parents decided to save gas by commuting through a small, blue Nissan, a cozy five seated car. Just think how comfortable it would be with all four of us, not including my aunt as we headed back home. However, this year my mother decided to think twice on what we bring, less is more. We tried, it was better, but we still failed.

Nonetheless, our main concern was not leaving anything behind. Sadly we didn’t succeed, or at least I didn’t. I misplaced my bottled of Almond Oil, my flash drive (I’m still depressed and becoming wary about my belongings), and I just recently found my dress that was hidden in a purse. Whenever people say road trip, ask how well organize they were and if they lost anything along the way, that’ll bring some tension.

Even though there were substantial inconveniences, I nonetheless had fun throughout the road to Canada. There were multiple stops between Kansas City, Missouri to Montreal, Canada; Niagara Falls, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, even New Hampshire (Apple Bees and I bought this cute shirt, worthy of appreciation). No matter how often I go to Canada, it still is enjoyable to get away from familiarity, to witness and experience different surroundings. I have to say road trips can be fun, just bring enthusiasm and a camera, and then you’re basically set.

Our first stop in our trip was Niagara Falls. It was spectacular, despite the rainy weather-didn’t matter since we were surrounded by waterfalls- and the cloudy skies, it still stole our family’s breath away. The multitude of water plunging continuously down more than 100 feet still doesn’t grasp my mind and the stories of people jumping down there in wooden barrels! Some even surviving still shocks me. It’s more than being a daredevil but a life-changer; a boy who survived a ship wreck or a lunatic, a 68-year-old woman trying to be famous. This piece of landscape that was wielded on its own makes you wonder what all secrets do we know of our own planet.

The next few days we traveled to New York to Massachusetts visiting family members before heading toward our ultimate destination. It felt terrific to visit family members we’ve haven’t seen in over a year to almost a decade. It was like a get-together party where ever we went. It was heart-warming and peaceful to know there are family members who care for you even though visitation isn’t always possible.

When we finally reached Canada we relished on reuniting with our family members. The best part of my vacation was seeing my growing cousins. It had been years since I last saw them and they grew so much! Each day our goal was to make our day fun, whether it was taking the goofiest pictures or watching scary movies. Our family helped planned our activities as well, going swimming to watching Madagascar 3.

In the end, we all had to say good-bye. We promised to keep contact and hugged each other continuously before they drove off toward the airport. It was bittersweet, but I knew it wouldn’t be the last time I’ll see them. The next morning we left as well, along with our aunt. It was a last minute decision. All five of us crammed in our car with our extra luggage poking at each of our sides. It wasn’t the pleasantest trip, but we survived.

When we finally reached home I was so relieved, just because I could easily walk about and actually say I’m home. My vacation was so much fun, more opportunities to see sights and people, more laughter and less stress. Once you drove the roads night and day, you have this connection, traveling by road, seeing the scenery change; it holds a place inside of you. So if my parents plan another trip to Canada, I’ll jump and scream “Road Trip Again!”

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