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As I slowly opened my eyes, my vision became clear as light faded and my eyes focused, and then I remembered that I was on a field trip with the MESA organization to the Griffith Observatory. The bus came to a sudden stop and I was jolted forward into a seat. I got up, and felt the pain flooding my face, then I turned to the window with hopes of something interesting being outside, but besides the cracked pavement, there was only wildlife, until I saw a sign indicating that the Griffith Observatory was ahead.

I immediately took out my camcorder, and started recording the path up a mountain that led to the observatory. As we went up the path to the observatory, I gasped in amazement as I saw the world famous "Hollywood" sign. As soon as the bus came to a halt, and the class was allowed to get off the bus, I asked the first person passing by to take a picture of me posing as if though I was holding the "Hollywood" sign. Watch the video below to see my ride to the observatory.

As the person took the picture I smiled and thought of how I was going to be the envy of my friends when they would see this picture. Suddenly I realized that I had lost my group, I quickly thanked the person who took the picture of me, and hurried as I thought of how much trouble I would be if my teacher found out I had wondered of. I then saw a friend of mine and followed him, and sure enough, my group was with him. I then realized that I hadn't noticed my surroundings, I was on a high mountain that gave a beautiful look to the second largest city in the world, Los Angeles.

I then entered a dome shaped building which was crowded around a circle, and all I could see was a thick sting hanging from the ceiling. My curiosity took over and I shoved peopled aside to see what was going on, and I stood confuse to why people would want to see a huge ball dangling around. Then came a man and explained that everything was calculated to show how the Earth spins but we don't feel it moving. After I went with the class to go see a light show in a room, there we were explained  the mysteries of the universe and  we were shown the Milky Way along with  the Andromeda Galaxy, the closest galaxy to the Milky Way.

After the light show, I went back to the bus with the class, and then we rode back home catching the last glimpse of the Griffith Observatory. On the way home the bus stopped at UCLA, and a tall woman toured us through the university, and as I saw the huge statues and big buildings, I reflected on how lucky I was to go to such beautiful places and how selfish I had been to impress other people and try to get them to envy me. Then the I boarded the bus once again and enjoyed the scenery as we passed San Diego and we passed the mountains and the ocean, and then I  caught once last glimpse of the beautiful ocean before my eyes closed, and I drifted off into my sleep.


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