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The slight chill was still making its way through and the sun had not yet made its arrival. However, a shade of orange was crawling through the sky.  Shopkeepers were starting to prepare for a new day. Bright colors of clothing were appearing on the racks and the jewelry was patiently waiting for the light to flourish their worth. The tingly scent of spices floated along from one side while a luscious aroma of sweets came from the other. As casually as a couple, they blended together to create the smell of the streets in Amritsar, India.


At a slight glance it was just another city of India but that is, of course, not the case. Not hesitating, I made my way towards the middle of the city. Music reached my ears. Voices singing the holy words of the Guru resonated through my heart. I was getting close and I eagerly walked on. Suddenly, a bike whizzed by in front and I jumped back. Impatience flared up inside of me as I kept going.

Frustrated, I climbed the marble stairs and jolted to a stop. I had already made it to the stairs without my knowing. My hairs stood up as I stepped into the little pool made for washing feet. I smiled at my foolishness. Is this how I am going to act when I step into the most sacred place on earth?

I kneeled down and wet my hands. The holy dust of the people that have come to visit was now on my hands and I put those wet hands to my heart. Annoyance withered away and my lips curved into a smile. My eyes reached the golden beauty that stood in the middle of a holy pool. My lips started moving with the song that was being sung. I went down the stairs, into the complex, and started walking around the body of water.

Soon enough, I reached the walkway of Harmandir Sahib. Even the walkway is aligned with the gold. The water splashed on both sides of the golden path but at the moment I paid no heed to it. With my hands clasped together I walked slowly towards the golden temple.

I reached the entrance and there was Guru Granth Sahib Ji. I bowed down and went around the inside of the temple. Surrounded by golden walls and such elaborate art etched into it; I could not help my sigh slipping out. I still had to do my morning prayers and so I went to the second floor. But before I started, I looked down to the first floor. All the colors looked back at me. The men singing the praises of the lord used golden instruments and there was nothing that did not have a shimmer to it.

Guru Granth Sahib Ji is always placed in the middle and many people were starting to come in. On the second floor, everyone was sitting cross legged and praying. My eyes could not follow the amount of people and yet, it was so peaceful. Not a sound crossed paths with the music.

I too sat down with the small prayer book in my hands. Peaceful bliss started from my heart and entered my mind. Sitting here on the blue carpet and chanting the Lord’s name was all that was important now.  I started reciting the prayers from memory. Time stood still and I closed my eyes to enter into a moment of bliss.

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