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You mean me? In London for 12 days? And it’ll be only Raenell and I?

 Welcome To London

The moment I stepped into London, it was like a whole new world with possibilities. First of all, what caught my attention were the cars. The cars continue traffic on the left side of the streets. Yes, that means the passengers seat is on the driver’s seat if it were New York. Believe it or not, I’m kind of embarrasses to say but I almost got hit by a bus because since I live in New York, I’m used to looking for the cars on my right. Yeah, yeah, laugh if you want to. Also the photo booths are very distinctive. I recommend taking a pic with the bus and taking a pic in the telephone booth. 

Even though she is Raenell’s biological aunt, I call her my aunt. Aunt Silda is a very sweet lady who welcomed us to her home for the holidays; that left Raenell and I with extra “rhino1” since shelter and “noshes2” were provided.

UK’s Currency

Speaking of “Rhinos,” after meeting with Aunt Silda and settling in our rooms, we were a step closer setting here in London. One thing you should know about the United Kingdom’s currency is that its surprisingly valued. Raenell’s family paid for my plane ticket so I didn’t spend as much in London; instead, I spent $800 because I exchanged money imperceptibly.


Exchanging 500 USD to pounds, I was stunned by the amount of money I received. £236.42 was the exact change I received at the post office in Stamford Street. I exhorted you to exchange your money a little at a time. For those who aren’t money savers, it would be okay since you’re not additionally charged for each exchange.


Next stop on the bus towards Oxford Street: Forever 21. Oxford Street is the busiest street in Europe and is where Raenell and I will do most our shopping. Okay, so you’re probably thinking: “ Why are they going shopping in the same places New York has?” I figured since I’m on vacation and I have the spending money; why not shop ‘til I drop?

Favorite Clothing Store

A unique store in London I completely fell in love with is Primark. Where in the world can you buy a ring watch? Primark has cute clothes and you’ll save tons of pounds. (Never thought I’d ever say that and be happy). Don’t save money when you’re on vacation, it’s a great feeling to get loose.

What Time is it?

On this sunny drizzling day in the onset of January, its time to take a tour on the big bus and visit the Big Ben. On the tour bus riding through Westminster, we got a great view of the Buckingham Palace, the London eye, the Houses of Parliament, and of course the Big Ben.

Ladies, Be Prepared For Your Hearts To Melt!

It was love at first sight. A piece of Heaven fell down to earth and the birds were chirping and the angels were singing. He had me at “Excuse me” as I was in his way in the streets. His accent was enthralling and the way that he smiled at me. (Sigh) Raenell calls it pathetic but I call it instant connection– even though he crossed to the other side of the streets already. The dialect of the British will make you float on a cloud. Yes, I have tried the accent. Am I good at it? No. Can you try the English accent?

Enjoy the beautiful adventure, the experience of the journey, and the inhalation of the air that’s not typically around you. Though my story was written differently, I know you will enjoy your second time in London as much as I did. This time you actually get to go.

1 MONEY! In London, 
I learned a couple of
 slang the British use. They may say, “I’ll give
 you some rhino if you
 lend me your laptop.”

 2 FOOD! Aunt Silda treated Raenell and I to a mini restaurant on Mili-bank. The waitress asked, “Ladies, what noshes are we looking at tonight?”

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