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Every December my family and I made it a tradition to go on vacation to Mazatlan, Sinaloa. We stay at a resort for a week and then stay another few weeks in a small pueblo, called El Roble, with family. It is a great experience because we get the best of both worlds! You get to enjoy the beaches and lights of the city and also the fresh air of open land and nature. There are so many places to go and see, and so many foods to try, and so many music to listen to. You will never get bored in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.


We have stayed in so many different resorts only because we like to take a taste of every type of resort. My favorite one and the one I recomend is La Costa de Oro. It has many pools and entertainment. What made me fall inlove with this resort was all the tall trees and flower bushes dispperesed along the yard of the hotel; it looks amazing. The beach gives one of the most memorable and beautiful views a hotel's beach can give. It faces the famous "Isla de La Piedra" which lies right under the sunset.

La Isla de La Piedra is a "must go visit" ! They have the most delicious "pescado sarandeado" in the whole city! Besides the delicious food, they have motorcycles, the Banana, parachuting, and jetskies. There you can also find little souvenire stores and small hotels. In order to get there, one must take motorboat from the resort in which one is staying in, how fun is that!

Mazatlan is known to have one of the longest malecon in the world. Down all the miles of the malecon, you can find food stands, jewlery stands, musicians, statues, artists, performers, people roller skating, small restaurants, and historical objects. The most famous statue is known as "Los Monos Bichis" (the Naked dolls), a beautiful tall statue! Further down the malecon towards the mountains is what is know as "La Piedra del Amor" (the Rock of Love). It is called this way because a rock was naturally shaped, by the waves, as a heart. Here you will usually see couples jumping off it or a man proposing to his special person. For those who like mysterious and paranormal things, there is a cave called "La Cueva del Diablo" (The Devil's Cave). Story tells that anyone to walk in is never to come out. Therefore there are bars at the enterance preventing people from going inside. 

There are so many things one must try at Mazatlan! One being taking a "pulmonia" which is an opened and small taxi. This is the one and only place where you will see these cute and fun little cars. They can take you from the malecon to anywhere in the city. Another thing that one will never experience anywhere else is a place called "El Dengue". This small place is known for their fruit saldas, especially the bionicos and escamochas (types of fruit salads). 

The party people aren't forgotten in Mazatlan. Along the malecon you will find tons of night clubs to go have a good time. There is, Senor Frogs, Fiesta land, Bora Bora, Mr. Tony's, Joe's Oyster bar, Sumbawa, Valentino's, and many more! If you like the party outside in fresh air, one can pay a banda to play music for them! They are found all along the malecon and in almost every corner! Nights at the malecon are truely unforgettable!

Leaving the city, there are many small pueblos. Here you can ride horses and motorcylces, walk along a plot, and see many farm animals. The most visited pueblo in Sinaloa is called Concordia. The places one should go see there are the plazuela and the church. At the plazuela the first thing you will see is a huge rocking chair! As you sit on it to take a picture, you will experience how it feels to be small! The famous church is called "La Iglesia de San Sebastian". It's amazing architecture and the peace and faith it brings to people is what makes this a very popular site. Sometimes perfomers such as ballet folklorico will dance infront of the church to entertain tourists and simply to show what they love to do. 

Mazatlan, Sinaloa is an amazing place due to their culture, people, hospitality, beautiful sites, and entertainment. Due to all it has to offer, my family has made it a tradition to visit this beautiful paradise . It is not only a place for relaxation, but also a place to see and experience new things, tastes and sounds. A place for family, a place for all.





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