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 I live in Orrick, Missouri, a town recognizably not holding back its small town qualities. From its gossip filled restraunts to its teenage filled stage, why wouldn't you want to come visit? With an amasing population of about seven hundred and fifty and a total area of a little under one point five square miles you could walk the entire town and see all the people in a matter of a hour. Be careful though, being right off highway 210, you may blink and miss this delightful town. The list of interesting things at Orrick is a fairly long list with the school and its activities being the center of the town's interests, the restraunts being a hang out area for all the adults,and the unusual activities that happen in this town.


 With the school being the center of the town's interests who could blame me for wanting to show visitors the school first. The town takes great pride in the academic achievements the school recieves. If you take a tour of the school you may be surprised at the length of the only hallway in the high school building and the ununiformed sizes of the classrooms. The most interesting thing about the school is how all of the students and teachers are familiar with everyone else in the building and how fast information spreads around the school. Being the unique town it is of course the school would have a unique feature of preschool through graduation being in the same building.
 The main attraction that Orrick has culturally accepted is the high school football games. The Orrick Bearcats won the Missouri State High School Football Championship three years: 1975,2007, and 2008. For the football games most of the town makes an appearance to see the boys and how the game is going.
 The Wabash Railroad or Northern Star Railroad put down railroad tracks and Orrick came up around them. A car is still resting in the town over by the city park.
 With Orrick being the "huge" town it is picking one person for the tourists to meet is difficult, but with the town's interests in mind it is achievable. If they had to meet someone I would pick Mr. Scott Archibald, the high school principal, or Coach Scott Finely, the head football coach. Orrick is a town based on the school and the football team so these men know from experience how the town reacts with the different events.
 The amount of things that visitors can do depends on when they come. In the fall, they can attend the bonfire the school puts on. In the bonfire the cheerleaders do a couple cheers, do a dance, and play a game with the football players and volleyball players. The dancers do a couple dances and the junior high cheerleaders do the same as the high school. Everything that you would normally see at a prep rally. The unique touch we have is someone dresses up as a celebrity and lip sings. In the spring, they can come to the bridge where he high schoolers go over the bridge and get their picture taken before going to prom. Lastly, during the summer they can go to the annual city wide garage sale and go to the amazing ten garage sales that are running.
 So as you can see, Orrick is a interesting town and the best way to describe it is by saying its a small country town.

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