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I walked down a street yesterday. It had an energetic and charismatic crowd with warm smiles and laughter that filled the air. As I walked further my nose smelled a pleasant aroma that tickled my fancy and aroused my slumbering stomach. It was pulled pork with a distinct BBQ smell. I eagerly sauntered over to the cozy restaurant and chose a seat in the outdoor patio where smooth jazz eased my worries away with one fluid stanza.  I leaned back and my hazel hues took in the whole picture of my surroundings, and just like that I became part of that relaxed, smiling crowed. Where was I? Well, Memphis of course.

            Memphis is a neat town in the mid-south where diversity still touches and culture is still practiced. There are many places to visit in this bussing metropolis but let’s start at the door step of the king of rock. Elvis Presley’s house is open to the public and you can take the same steps he did in his home. One can learn about his climb to fame and the reason why he acquired so much love and respect from his community and fans. You can also tour his jumbo jet he casually kept on his property. By the end of this you will know why he was called the king of rock.

            We can also venture into Memphis’s place in the civil Rights movement there is a museum fashioned at the Lorraine hotel. Which is where the leader of the civil Rights movement, Martin Luther King, was assassinated while he was presenting a speech. An eager learner interested about the movement can easily learn what Martin Luther’s visions and goals where and how he carried it out and influenced others in a positive ,non-violent way so they too can see the peaceful future he envisioned.  This is done with artifacts and pictures to give the scholar a visual aid and a more hands on experience.

            As we finish our stroll we stumble upon a gigantic structure with a pink exterior. We have arrived to the pink palace! This building houses a museum, I max theater, and a planetarium. The I-Max shows various documentary based movies which viewers’ get to choose based on interest. It could range from Great white sharks to the Ice age. Then afterward we can recline as we try to form clusters of stars into meaningful constellations and feel like astronomers or lazy star gazers, simply enjoying the fascination of stars.

            On top of all these enticing activates there are also seasonal events that visit Memphis such as the zombie walk for the more daring travelers. The zombie walk is fundraising event in which people donate cans to help feed people in the local area. You dress up as a flesh devouring zombie with your most convincing dead corpse swagger and walk until you hit Beal Street. Leaving behind spats of crimson blood as you drag yourself through the path, scaring the living as you go. They can quickly visualize an upcoming apocalypse that is always promised by some deranged cult leader in the future. For now they will just have to settle for your terrorizing tactics.

            Memphis may not be the first thought when you think of a vacation. Perhaps it’s the lack of crystal clear oceans and white sandy beaches, but for what it lacks it makes up for with its rich culture, music, food, and people which can be easily made into fond memories with families or friends that will be shared around the family dinner table for generations to come.

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