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I would like to apologize for this being a day late. Our interenet has been out and this is soonest I could send it. I also prepared a video but it was not in an acceptable format to be uploaded. 



 “You blink and you miss it!” that is the most commonly used phrase to describe my town. My name is Emily Brown, and I live in the small town of Cragford, Alabama. I was born and raised here, and so was most of my family. My town is filled with history that many people miss out on, because they are under the impression that nothing has ever happened here. This is something I want to change!

Cragford may be small, but it is also very old. Cragford hasn’t always been Cragford, but it was once known as Wesobulga, Alabama. Wesobulga was a booming little town with everything one could imagine. On the business side there were five millers, five mechanics, three brick masons, dress makers, general stores and even saloons. Wesobulga was right in the middle of the Gold Rush District where many men lost their lives from coming down with ''Gold Fever'' in the 1840's and 1850's. It is said there are a few unmarked graves in Cragford Cemetery where men were killed in shoot-outs over gold. The town was changed to Cragford in 1907. Cragford was given the name by the A B & A Railroad Company. The town was across Crooked Creek from the depot. There was no bridge. The crossing of the creek was done by fording. Since the village was on a craggy hill, the town became known as Crag-ford or'' Crag and Ford''.  The name was never meant to be permanent, but with other things it stuck!     Cragford has changed a lot since those days, but we are still an amazing little town. Now Cragford is a rural area where people come to relax and enjoy the quite country living style. There are several things to do here, and most of them are free! One can go sight-seeing and marvel at the many natural beauties we have to offer. Some outdoor attractions include Black Jack tower, a local forestry tower where Ethel Hodnet stayed to keep a look out for fires. Another local attraction is the R. L. Harris dam. When you pay this lovely place a visit, be sure you have a fishing pole and a camera so you can catch some fish and get some good shots of the local eagles. Not far from the dam, one can find The Alabama Gold Camp. This is our main attraction, here one can rent a cabin, bring in an r.v., or camp by the river. While visiting here one can even pan for gold with our locals. Down the road from here one find Flat Rock Park. Flat Rock is where most of the water recreation takes place. One can swim, lay out, grill out or take a boat ride! My favorite local attraction is known as Berwick. Berwick was once a type of mill that had been closed down. Mr. Wayne Watts bought the property, cleaned it up and made a beautiful home and an even more beautiful place to relax out of it. Cragford has changed a lot, but the changes were for the best!

Well, this is it; this is Cragford in a nutshell. My home is an amazing place and I hope one day more people will come visit it.


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