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Just above the horizon you can see the spike point of the new York city tower. This tower is none other than the Empire State building. This Famous Sky scraper is a magician of its own. A single look up the side of it will make you dizzy, make you feel as if the sky is tilting, make you feel like the building is a great plant that grows from the sunlight. These seem like hallucinations but that’s what comes wit this beautiful landmark. On a bright day the tip of its spike shines like a candle lit on a cake. Its as if the city of new York is the ice cream and the empire state building is that one cherry on top. Especially at night when it lights up, bright yellows, blues, greens and reds can be seen each night. This building is a symbol of New York city. New York is the Empire state and this makes the Empire State building so significant. When you think Empire state building you think New York.


Now this place probably has the highest electric bill ever. Times square 42nd street , the street of lights is a major attraction. Mouth watering fumes of deliciously cooked foods linger in the air. Plenty of stands with scrumptious hot dogs and soft pretzels are around every corner. Chimes and jingles of music bounce from ear to ear. Craft artists drawing faces and henna tattoos. Just a imagine a circus with humans instead of animals. Yellow banana taxi cabs, going bananas with their horns, blowing like an elephant and engines roaring like that of a lion. Its super crowded 24/7, since this is the city that never sleeps. People rush around buying clothes, going to museums and arcades and to the movies. A non-stop marathon of walking is all you see. Everyone is busy trying to have a good time and those who are there just to be there. Which ever it is Times Square 42nd street has been around for years. My grandparents would go here when they were young adults and back then it did look very different. This place has evolved so much its just simply amazing. Imagine a Christmas tree all decorated, well each street is a limb of that tree full of decorations.

The best time to go here is during the holidays. Very joyful spirits are within the Rockefeller Center. Ice skating, toy stores, and the annual giant Christmas tree that everyone gathers to go and see each year is very exiting. No one even feels the cold chills of the winter down their back because their bodies are warmed by the festivities taken place. Little kids always shouting “oooh” and “aaah” like their in a candy store. Families joined together in close hugs as they take in all the positive energy. Cameras flash here and there. The marvelous red, green, gold and silver ornaments an decorations dangle in the air from the street lights and buildings. The angels glow bright gold wile the banners and flags sway in the air. The Christmas spirit is shared amongst everyone. Various musicals can be seen at radio city music hall, the all time popular show is the Christmas show with the rocket’s.

The only amusement park we have in New York City is none other than Coney Island. Its currently being developed with more rides. Still Coney island is a ball of fun. So many things to do here there’s not enough time in a day to do everything. Especially because of the crowds that are there and the long lines you need to wait on. Coney Island is a triple threat, it’s a beach, an arcade and an amusement park. There’s endless food here. Whether its sticky, gooey, soft cotton candy, smothered, steamed hot dogs, crispy salty fries, burgers loaded with what ever toppings you want. I could go on for days but more importantly the thrills you will encounter while at Coney island are so fun. Its like a maze walking through Coney Island you don’t know where your going to end up, but every time you do see something you run to do whatever activity it is. There’s something for everyone here of all ages, tall, short, 5 years old and younger to an adult. Everyone becomes a big kid at Coney Island.





So many events have occurred in this gigantic place. I like to think of it as a mini forest in a city. Our precious Central park is amazing. During the spring time its relaxing to walk through, run through, ride your bike through or even just skip through. The trees bend over hanging above you like claws of a beautiful, harmful monster. The sun plays peek a boo, seeking in and out of the spaces between leaves on the tree branches. The flowers and plants stand tall on the ground as insects whiz around like miniature airplanes. There’s a breeze along with ice cream stands all around. People chat, eat at the café, children play, games are taking place.

New Rochelle is a little town in New York close to upstate New York. New Roc city is located here. It looks like a gigantic shopping center except you don’t get clothes here. New Roc city is loaded with a bowling alley, miniature golf, go karts, ice skating, arcades, laser tag, virtual rides, a movie theatre and plenty of restaurants. The facility is always decorated so nicely and bright with glow in the dark signs and lights. There’s so much to do it’ll have your head spinning. Its kind of like Coney island but without the rides. Fun , laughs, cheers and excitement fill the atmosphere at New Roc City. Crowds of people move in groups all around. At night you can look at it as the lights the stars and everyone is a miniature asteroid roaming around throughout space. The travel to get out here takes time but when u get to New Rochelle alone its all one small version of new York city , in new York city. All the decorations just make us city New Yorkers feel at home. This is an extraordinary place because its somewhere you can go to have fun indoors and also its just a cool place to have fun at.

Last stop in NYC is ground zero. Its filled with sad souls and sorrows. As we all know the twin towers used to be here, in now what is just a lost pavement. It’s like the letters on a page , each line tells a story of this tragic day. Although its remodeled the memories cant be covered or washed away. The vibe is tense and if you’ve been affected by 9/11 its very moving to know someone you knew, had there last breaths right where you stand. The air within this area still has a rusty smell. Its become a historic site and to this day people visit it. Some go to pay respect, to see the place, or to go for memorial reasons for loved ones. On the anniversary of 9/11 every year there’s a special ceremony held where survivors and loved ones attend. I can only say that this site is truly a landmark and is so significant for our U.S history and New York history alone.  

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