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Eastvale, California

Numerous bullets ring through the air like deadly fireworks across the dark sky. Two figures scramble behind cars as chaos once again fills the streets. While my mother and her friend were caught in the middle of a gang shooting in Inglewood, California, I was ready to be born. My mom’s friend did not know what to do as my mother muttered to her, “Just run.” They were able to escape unharmed and, because of this, I was given the opportunity to tell you about my community.

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My community is Eastvale, a prestigious city located in Southern California. An intriguing feat about my community is that it consisted of dairy farms and was agricultural until the late 1990s. This fact is interesting, because if you visit you can observe the remnants of the agricultural establishment that was present decades ago in some dairy farms. You feel a sense of accomplishment, because you feel as if you are a part of prior history being in the presence of what used to be predominantly an agricultural area. It is only a feeling one could feel if they experienced it for themselves, so I encourage you to visit and breathe in the air and observe the environment, which is amazing to say the least.

Being blessed with the opportunity to escape the dark depths of despair within Inglewood allowed me to arrive at the realization that Eastvale is my true community. My community values fitness. Our high school holds many championships in the county for track and field. I come from a world of constant movement: I have been running for as long as I can remember. I feel excitement and adrenaline pumped through my body with every step I take, so I felt an assuring sense of hospitality within Eastvale. Maybe you are an individual that has realized that you need a healthier lifestyle, but lack of motivation appears to be a binding force. If that appears to be the case, Eastvale is an ideal city for those captured by ambivalence about the direction in their lives.

Despite your situation being a yearning for a healthier lifestyle or not, I recommend you visit my community due to the warm fellowship exerted from one individual to the next. In Eastvale, we strive on our reputable sense of community and are quite family-oriented. Eastvale has numerous picnics and events that establish of feeling of intimacy amongst many, but none more significant than the notorious annual carnival. Eastvale’s annual carnival consists of a weekend of exciting events. What seems to appeal strictly to the youth appeals to adults in the same manner. As the carnival closes with fireworks to establish Independence Day, a feeling of nostalgia travels around as every individual reflects on their past. The closing of the carnival imposes the same feelings as watching your favorite television series arrive at its season finale knowing that there will be another season, you want more. Such a feeling is only felt by those that travel to Eastvale to experience it for themselves. It is a great feeling in that locals know that they always have an event to look forward to annually, a tradition that will never lose its spark.

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