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Howdy y'all!  Welcome to the beginning of your fabulous vacation to San Antonio, Texas. Handily located in the southern United States of America on the Earth in Quadrant III of Universe B, San Antonio can't wait until you get here! I know what you're thinking. "But mysterious and wonderful travel blog, I haven't decided to visit San Antonio yet!" Don't worry, you will. You just need an introduction first, so put on your Sunday sombrero and prepare to be charmed.


We know you have a reason for going on this vacation, and we've got you covered. No matter what you're looking for, we have it. There's the Alamo for those of you wanting an educational voyage. The largest rodeo in the United States plus the Natural Bridge Caverns offer adventure, while our famous RiverWalk is home to not only romantic restaurants on the banks, but also thousands of and buttery, warm, home-made tortillas and hand-made relics of the vibrant Hispanic culture which thrives  in the urban heart of San Antonio.  The red, yellow, green and blue banners of Market Square romp above the cobblestoned pathways where vendors advertise everything from fresh chalupas to glittering rhinestone cowboy hats. SeaWorld allows you a chance to swim with whales or splash in Aquatica, while Fiesta Texas proves that everything, even roller coasters, are bigger in Texas. We even have snake farms and a wildlife ranch on top of our beautiful Japanese tea gardens, the zoo, and a boat load of museums. It's always possible to be flexible here, plans can be adjusted in the time it takes a rodeo clown to dodge an angry bull.

Now that you're assured that San Antonio is up to the chaps in attractions and opportunities, let's talk convenience. "Vacation" is pretty much Latin for "I don't want to do any worrying right now," and we can help you with that. See all those worries about hurricanes and tornadoes and monsoons and tidal-wave making rain? Throw them out the window because San Antonio hardly ever dips below 80 even in the winter and people walk around in shorts on Christmas. With all the trolleys and trams and horse drawn carriages this city has to offer, you won't even get a chance to try out our rentable bikes and segways or the riverboat taxis on the RiverWalk. You can find maps on the city website highlighting handicap accessible ramps, information kiosks, elevators, and just about anything else you care to know.                      

Okay, so we know that San Antonio meets the purpose of any vacation, and that it's convenient and flexible, but all of that sounds pretty expensive.  Luckily, it's not. recently named San Antonio one of the most affordable vacation cities in America, and it's easy to see why. Admission to the Alamo is free, as is enjoying our beautiful River Walk. Tickets to the Rodeo start at $10 and admission to the Natural Bridge Caverns at around $20.  If you're going early in the year most Fiesta events are free. The summer abounds in concerts, films and festivals for free or at least very cheap. Parking downtown is free on Tuesdays and many museums have similar deals.

San Antonio is the happiest place on earth! The most political unrest you'll see here is some griping about politics, and who doesn't do that now and again? Downtown is undergoing a revolution right now which makes it even safer to come visit. For decades, the city's focus has been tourism, but now San Antonio is transitioning to a more residential hotspot, and visitors can only benefit from the change. 

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