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Crashing waves, hovering seagulls stalking on tourists' bags of chips, the roar of the Boardwalk Bullet, and beetle boats that crawl swiftly through the active ocean: these are the ingredients of a perfect vacation. I've been to Kemah ten or so times, but if it were up to me, it'd be infinite since I've bonded so closely with it. The charming slice of coastal life has enough events all year that scream 'Gatsby' while it also has a laid back approach on life. Just an hour and a half drive from Houston, this community is a vanilla cone with ten cherries on top.


First and foremost, Kemah is a seaside town where no one will get sand stuck in between their toes. Bayside cities like Kemah don't have beaches, so instead it has rocky edges with bold lighthouses, food galore, and the prestigious Kemah Boardwalk. The Boardwalk is a main attraction as it rakes in attention from young couples, adventurous Argonauts, and families alike. With its many restaurants, amusement rides, boat rides, and shops, any individual can find the activity that best suits their personality.

As one walks along the boardwalk, the ocean stays right beside and below them. The wooden boardwalk supports tons of weight as it boldly stands a few feet above the daring ocean below. It's even possible to rent a yacht or take a personal boat and drive it along the boardwalk. Or, if renting or owning is to expensive, buying a seat on Kemah's tour boat, 'The Boardwalk Beast', is always an option. For a person living on the wild side, the boardwalk appropriately contains the famous rollercoaster, the 'Boardwalk Bullet'- AKA the most horrifying 2 minutes of my life. It's wooden, giant, and very fast. If ridden, take an iron stomach and prepare to scream! Personally, I think petting the velvety stingrays is a more stomach friendly experience.

Speaking of stomachs, there's plenty of restaurants scattered across the town that offer great food. Foodies will love Kemah, especially if one has a soft spot for seafood. If seafood isn't a personal favorite, there's loads of Tex-Mex restaurants that offer alternative meal ideas. Regardless, Kemah food is delicious and extremely authentic. Once bellies are full, it's time to shop! Adjacent to the main entrance of the boardwalk is the cake of in-home stores that offers a slice of something different. Little pubs, ice cream parlors, photographers, fortune tellers, and accessory shops invite everyone to get a taste of some Kemah culture. Particular places are famous for certain things such as one candle shop's popularity is due to their friendly mascot, Candles the cat.

All year around, Kemah is prepared to entertain. Halloween is a huge hit with a haunted boardwalk theme, and every Thursday in the summertime is lined up with concerts containing bands that actually don't make any ears bleed! Fireworks follow each Friday. Football parties, festivals, and boat shows all line up each month throughout Kemah both on and off the boardwalk; boredom is nonexistent at Kemah. Visiting Kemah's city website, (, can help plan for family vacation in no time.

No matter what person enters, the community of Kemah opens up a wild variety of activites and events. Go taste the local bites, smell that ocean aroma, see the sunset reflected on the water, feel stomachs dropping on the Boardwalk Bullet, and hear yourself talking about what a great time you're having. So get some sunscreen and go! Kemah's next big party awaits everyone with a great, unforgettable experience.

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