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It was just yesterday…. The sandy breeze sliding upon my face, in a city that has brought Vegas into the middle east as a second home. The sticky, moist heat dripping the sweat slowly down my face, as the sun shines upon a city that brings the fun into the person, instead of a person bringing the fun to the city itself- Dubai.

“A Vegas of the Middle East”. An exotic destination where a diverse culture is spread out and many people can enjoy a view, that is unforgettable. A view from 143 floors above the ground in thin, moist air that can take your breath away from the unforgettable moment. You can see the entire city in one place, and learn about its history, from the beginning of the century, up to the present day. Electronic machines taking control over my brain, as I learn the history of the city, the machine was related to Siri, having every detailed information about the developing country. Swimming pools in the shape of a palm tree with a crystal blue color to make that perfect caribbean environment feeling. Tourists in every corner or the top floor, giving a tour of how the structure and design was made the way it is today. Around the world, many people come to visit the beauty of the city, as well as, a building that has 163 floors. It is known as ‘The Tallest Building in the World’, the Burj Khalifa. It could have been yesterday, stepping into the entrance as the cool breeze flutters my hair, cameras were flashing in every part of the building. Flash; Flash; Flash; It felt like a movie premiere was taking place! To reach up to 143rd floor, the elevator ride is like going through a spaceship increasing its potential energy and decreasing the amount of air into our lungs. Lights shimmerings, going around and around inside the elevator creating bright and colorful lights, with high definition flat screen TV to entertain tourists and guests about the beauty of a building, skyscraping across the entire city, with its luxurious architectural designs.

Time to Bring Winter in the Summer:

Attractions to entertain children includes a mall with an incredible indoor ski resort for people to ski in. It feels like a winter wonderland like a snowy park, skiing or playing with penguins. They offer lessons for skiing for adults & children too. You do not need to get your own stuff, because they offer everything. You need only to get your own leather gloves and enjoy the snow in the middle of the desert when the temperature is above 50 degrees! The slope is an "L" shaped curve with the steeper more advanced skiing on the inside of the curve. The slope is served by a central high capacity chair lift and an old style Poma lift on the inside curve. You don't need to bring anything to have a great time; everything is provided. (Skis, boots, poles, jacket and snow pants) A climate control that is set to make skiers enjoy a beautiful winter day in the summer.

Underwater Life:

“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish!” An underwater aquatic destination in a mall that feels like you are going for a ride under the ocean with sea creatures, looking above you, animals everywhere. The blue authentic ocean takes you away from everyone else, pretending as if you are in your own world; It was an adventure like a Disney princess movie “Ariel”, talking to the sea creatures, and exploring the underwater life in a mall, in a small tunnel that is covered by clear glass feels like you are in the ocean, playing with the animals!

Dune Desert:

A large Land Rover Jeep parks in the front of your hotel, and opens the door for you as you enter into the vehicle to go on a desert experience that is unforgettable. The driver had a long cotton nightgown that flowed down to his ankles, with a white cloth wrapped around his shiny, bald head teaching the styles of a arabian culture. The Jeep was rumbling with excitement, as it was getting out of control like an earthquake, the driver drove upon the desert dune, going up and down, side-to-side, and around in circles! After the ride, we had the time to explore the desert with our own two feet. I could feel the sizzling sand warming my feet, little grains stuck between my toes, trying to sink me down like a quicksand. People were riding upon the backs of a 7 feet Camel, in the perfect scenery of an arabian life.

This destination is a trip that is unforgettable to remember with a lifestyle that is both unique and creative, as well as a view of a city that worth a million dollars that a person can take with one shoot from a camera to remember!


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  • cricketgirl786

    This looks like a fascinating experience to remember and to go too! I have always wanted to go to Dubai and going there is a vacation never to forget!

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