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The sharp smack of a slippery body being slammed down. Fishmongers yelling out orders in unison like a pirate crew out on sea. Standing up on your tip toes trying to get a better look at the spectacle, you watch in awe as the slimy fish bodies are being thrown left and right. And your heart races at the thought of yourself catching your dinner too. The fishmonger with a mischievous smirk glimpses at your direction and before you could even blink, you’re wrestling a full grown salmon trying to bite your head off. A few slips, tumbles, and you definitely killed the beast. You look at it and realize it’s dead. Feeling silly and flustered, you slink away from the spotlight as the people around you chuckle. But it felt refreshing to try something new. Noticing a light above, you glance up and see a flickering red sign. “Public Market Center”, you read to yourself. Closing your eyes, you take a deep breath. The air smells like the sea. And what does the sea smell like? It smells like freedom, the unknown and it makes one want to go on an adventure. And that’s exactly what Pike Place Market gives you, an adventure.

Although it’s not fancy, the stands of ornaments and food makes the place feel authentic and homey. The weather is beyond perfect. So you can enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee at Starbucks or buy some local strawberries at the farmers market. But not only can your experience be delicious, it can be full of history. That cup of coffee you’re sipping on, it’s from the first ever Starbucks coffee store. It’s like a piece of Seattle history in your stomach.

I also recommend the Wing Luke Museum. The art is ingeniously unique and the Freeman Hotel makes one wonder and dream. In the past, it was a place of refuge for many immigrants and laborers. Nothing is changed inside. Beds and desks are still standing and one could almost imagine the workers curled up in bed seeking comfort and hope during desperate times. When you pass by the mahjong table with all the pieces still set up you could almost hear a group of friends chortling and participating in lighthearted banter. The place is suspended in time with a thin layer of ash covering it, your hands will be clasped at the side, afraid to touch and ruin these ancient artifacts.

Meanwhile, do you also want to step into the modern world for a little bit? Seattle is also known for its 605 ft. Space Needle. The elevator ride to the top feels endless as if you were about to rise up above the clouds like an angel. It’s even more magnificent if you choose to stay and watch the sunset. You could buy a drink from the cafe and admire the golden light as the sun creeps down behind the horizon. To me, Seattle is my home. It’s where I was born and where I’ll forever belong. It’s not a big city where time and life is passing by too fast. Neither is it an isolated town with no spirit to keep one alive. There’s options here. One day you may want to go to the downtown, act festive and cruise down the friendly streets. But another day, you could want to relax and just relish in a delicate breeze dancing through your hair. Seattle to me is mellow and laid-back. However, underneath all the simplicity, it’s full of colors woven together to create this beautiful city.



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