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A steady stream of water trickles down the mountain side, settling itself into the flower beds below. There’s a light mist hovering throughout the atmosphere, carrying scents and flavors of what I find to be most comforting. This is my home, this is Pakistan.

Being born and raised in America, I don’t often get to experience the cultural environment that’s offered in Pakistan. Although, in the summer of 2010, I received the opportunity to visit my motherland and bring back remarkable memories that have changed my life. 


Many people may know Pakistan as a country filled with poverty on the streets, polluted clouds, perilous roads, and callous people. However, that’s all media. No one knows the truth about Pakistan until they take a step of their own there.

Just like in every other country, Pakistan has its own attractions. There are different provinces that each have their own community, which set them apart from one another. There are food, traditions, and events that distinguish them. Within the provinces are cities. Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi are some of the more populated and known cities. In each city, there are several “eye-catching” activities, such as visiting mosques, beaches, and historical buildings left by the Mughals, or gobbling down plates piled with crispy parathas, tandoori chicken, crunchy gol gappay, and tangy chanay chaat. Believe me, you will spend each second there being both productive and ebullient. 

You’ll perceive Pakistan in a whole, new perspective. As you’ll cross a busy road, with cars zooming by you, you’ll pass by several carts and wagons. Some may be carrying fresh fruit, while others may be retaining the heat of the potato-filled samosas and other fried treats. After reaching a stop, you may realize you’re surrounded by stores and small shops. You’ll easily spot all of the clothing stores with their colorful display of sequenced and embroidered fabrics hung on the windows and door. After all, Pakistan does produce some of the exquisite fabrics in the world, presenting flowers and geometric shapes as designs. Besides the clothing stores, there are repair shops, tailoring stations, stationary stores, and best of all, restaurants. The food you’ll find in Pakistan is like no other. Pakistani cuisine consists of a blend of several spices and herbs, making it flavorful and rich. Everyone should try the variety of curries offered, along with traditional bread or rice. After one bite, your mouth will be filled with an infusion of spicy and herbaceous flavors. 

If you think you’ll get the best of Pakistan just by standing on the streets, then just wait right there. That’s just the city portion, but if you drive further up and reach Northern Pakistan, then you’ll experience the true beauty of Pakistan. In areas like Muree and Nathia Gali, your nose will capture the strong, crisp scent of the mountains that will absorb as a calm, soothing feeling. You’ll see the cloudy fogs spreading itself from the lofty mountains to throughout the villages, and you’ll feel goosebumps reacting from the gelid weather. The ravishing, bodacious scene created by the rocky bumps of the grassy mountains that stand beside the slow-moving, trout-filled rivers, which eventually fall into a pile of pebbles, is one that will make you appreciate the natural beauty that the Earth provides us with.

To tell you the truth, after visiting Pakistan, I’ve been positively influenced by being exposed to the different culture and environment. I work and live off of my experiences, and I feel that everyone should visit Pakistan to explore a fresh meaning of life.

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