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The Glitch
   The sun was beckoning for me to join him on his daily journey of rising and setting. Usually he goes on his task of bringing forth the day and making way for the night without igniting my curiosity, but today I could not ignore the bright golden hues splashing my face with rays of gentle warmth. I crossed the busy street, maneuvering around its constant buzzing of cars and irritated drivers trying desperately to reach their destination. In doing so the drivers were completely oblivious to the gradual movement of the sunlight spreading across the landscape of the forest preserve before me. 


   As I lay foot upon the forest preserve I was in utter disbelief. Every single aspect of the scene was illuminated by the golden tones of the sun. The trees despite having rough, rigid bark seemed to melt into the others around it creating this band of soft brown and golden greens from the leaves that adorned them. The little areas of clearing reminded me of a spotlight, but in this case the sunlight itself was the performer. I was desperate to capture this moment. I grabbed my cellphone and began snapping pictures one after the other just slowly making my way through the entire area. Each step was deliberately gentle and smooth; I didn’t want to intervene with any of nature’s beauty. I was just a mere spectator amazed by the simplistic beauty the sun had to offer me on that day.
    I left the forest preserve and once again I was back at the busy street I had crossed earlier. Even though time had seemed to stand still for me in the preserve the drivers seemed unaffected and as time went on so had the sun. I could not help but feeling that everyone missed out on nature’s show, I wanted to let everyone take a glimpse inside the secret world juxtaposition to ours. I began searching through my photos looking for something to sum up my experience with nature. I came across a glitch, during my shoot I had been left with a picture that turned to the cold, yet vibrant colors of purple. It was visually pleasing in its own sense but it didn’t compare to what I saw with my own eyes. 
    At first I was disappointed I couldn’t share this moment with the world but I realized that it wasn’t my job to. The sun had called out to me that day; it was my turn to see what nature had to offer. In a world where technology is spreading faster than we can understand it, nature has taken a lesser role. Every so often she decides to put on a show in which she is the main attraction. It is our job to venture out there ourselves and marvel at her simplistic beauty and design. I’ve begun to open my eyes and appreciate the simplistic moments in life. Without traveling thousands of miles away to a distance land I saw my world in a new light I was never capable of seeing before. Since that day I can’t help but notice her subtle hints. Even right next to the busy street a cherry blossom tree has begun to bloom. Now the drivers who unfortunately get stopped by the commanding red light will be able to take a moment and see nature in all of her glory.

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