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Dingmans Falls in Pocono, Pennsylvania
Dingmans Falls in Pocono, Pennsylvania
Silver Thread Falls in Pocono, Pennsylvania

     As I walk down the trail, I am in awe of the beauty around me. Tall oak and maple trees tower above me with sunlight streaming through the leaves touching the floor of the forest with splotches of gold. All of the plants are dressed in a vibrant green, and I can hear the singing of the warblers above me and the crickets and frogs near me. Walking through this path of true splendor is wonderful enough, but then, I reach a clearing.

     There is a sliver of light running along the dark, black mountainside. It seems so small and fragile, yet it is powerful enough to cut into the rock, carving its own path. Silver Thread Falls has a subtle beauty. It does not scream out for attention. Instead, it softly whispers, waiting to see who will stop long enough to listen and marvel at its beauty. I continue along the path farther and farther into the forest dripping with history. As I walk, I see a couple of lighthearted, energetic chipmunks playing and earning some snacks from passersby for their show. Eventually, I turn a corner.

     The view is breathtaking. I hear the thunder of the water rushing down the mountain rock racing to reach its final destination and not letting anything get in its way. I feel the cool, refreshing mist on my face. I see the clear, cold water turn a pearly white as it takes a fear-inspiring plunge down the side of a mountain. The color reminds me of my face after surviving the plummet of a roller coaster. Similarly, the water does not let fear hold it back. It goes with the flow conquering each problem as it comes without worry for the future.

     Dingmans Falls is gorgeous. While you are there, it seems like a wave of peace and awe passes over you. My mom and NaNa were very patient as my dad, my sister, and I continuously stopped to take pictures of all of the scenery. We did not want to forget any detail of what we were seeing. My NaNa had a wonderful time being able to see the beautiful views without having to climb strenuously up a mountain. The whole trail is a flat boardwalk, making Dingmans Falls the perfect place for all ages.

     My family loved it so much that we came back in the evening for the Dingmans After Dark: Lantern Stroll. Park Rangers walked with us explaining all of the history and beauty of the place. Everything seemed to look so different now that it was dark. Fireflies swirled around us as we walked along the path, seeing everything in a different light. Silver Thread Falls seemed to disappear into the black rock, but you could still hear the subtle whisper of the water pushing its way down the mountain. The black rock had a shiny, luminescent look to it as the light from the lanterns danced across it. Even though it was dark, the whole forest still seemed alive. You could hear the chirping of the crickets and the croaking of the frogs.

     Silver Thread Falls and Dingmans Falls are magical places where any age can come and see the majesty and beauty of nature. The sights and sounds will leave a lasting impression on all who visit. I, for one, would not mind traveling back.

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