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Diving with a Shoal of Fish at Molasses Reef
Observing a Lobster with my Diving Buddy
A Shark Swimming Gracefully Above the Reef
The Ocean Peeking Through a Tangle of Trees
Spectacular Ocean Sunset from our Moonbay Condominium
Sailing Towards My First Underwater Ocean Adventure

Whisper in my ears
Swell towards the land
Spray on me your tears
Let me hold you in my hand

Quickly, quickly!
Rush towards the shore
High tide is coming
Breaking across the sand floor
An irregular kind of drumming
Quickly, quickly!

Violently. Violently.
Pound out your pleading call
Crash down and jerk upward
And with you, take all
Unable to be deterred
Violently. Violently.

Steadily, steadily
Continue your sacred dance
Nurture and watch over me
Give me another chance
I want to understand you, mysterious sea
Steadily, steadily

The moment I step out of the airport, I can feel the sea air on my lips. I know I am close to what I jokingly call “the love of my life.” Since the first time I laid eyes on the ocean, I knew that my passion lay with it. Since the age of four, it became self-evident to my adolescent mind that I would study marine biology: ironic since I live in the New Mexican desert. Today, with a few more years of travel under my belt, my favorite place to go is always the coast, and I’ve already had the pleasure of embracing a couple of different ocean’s cold waters, as I wade, swim, and let them revitalize me.

For the first time in months, my mind is quiet and only my senses are singing with action. My heart can finally burst free from the stress of everyday life; it is now a fountain pumping with joy. Having finally arrived in Key Largo, Florida, we drive to the Moonbay Condominium Complex where we are staying. It is conveniently located next to Amy Slate’s Amoray Dive Resort.

Any travelled person knows the wonders of experiencing a new culture, but the incredible novelty of the underwater biosphere is unlike anything I have ever witnessed. It is filled with thousands of species that I have never seen before. They are completely different from me, yet share the same basic needs. My first ocean dive at Molasses Reef is incredible. The colors are so vibrant, and the sounds so unfamiliar. The steady rhythm of my breathing is a metronome to which the ocean sings. The sporadic waves that continuously break, a mere 30 feet above my head, are the bass to the song. The fish and marine life make no audible sound as they move gracefully in their element, and yet I can feel their movements and see their vibrations. I am completely at ease even though I am the newcomer to this ecosystem of souls living in harmony and balance. While the marvels of the underwater world take my breath away, a knot of guilt ties itself in the pit of my stomach as I remember the human damage and pollution that blends itself deviously into the beauty that surrounds me. But even our wickedness cannot disguise the strength and resilience that the ocean holds, as it continually fights for equilibrium. I am finally experiencing the full extent of the life-giving waters that have always fascinated and attracted me.

In this moment I can see my future clearly: a life of diving, exploring, restoring, educating, learning, and revering the ocean. Water is my element and I am strong in it. My mind is focused and I am determined to save the mother that has given birth to us. I am unwavering in my ambition to save the ocean and pursue my passion.

Draw me to your depths
Reveal your hidden treasures
I am truly home

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