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My Sister and I

The city was breathtaking, an enchanting and magnetic place I will never forget. The hustle and bustle of New Yorkers trying to get to where they need to be, tourists snapping pictures at every location, and I couldn’t blame them. Being encompassed by the bright lights of the shining billboards, and the massive buildings that touched the sky, everything was mesmerizing.

If I were to describe New York in one word, it would be: unpredictable. The climate, the people, it was all ever-changing in the best way possible. The weather was like a child, it did whatever it wanted, whenever it wanted, without a care in the world. One minute it would be a nice, sunny day with a slight breeze passing by, the next it would throw a fit and rain down, drenching everything in its path, even in the summer. That’s just how it was in New York. Locals wouldn’t mind the weather because it was completely normal for them. You don’t catch anyone outside without an umbrella or a poncho. I would know, because that was the first thing I noticed before I, myself, was soaked.

The people of New York added to the city’s charm. The day I got there, my family and I took the infamous subway for the first time. We struggled to purchase a metro card that allowed us to get into the station and the others around us were very kind to assist us. We then realized we didn’t know what train to take to the place we needed to go and again, someone was there to help. To top it all off, when we got onto our train, a performance started in the middle of the ride. A man executed dangerous yet entertaining stunts along the handrails and danced throughout the subway. It was unexpected. It was beautiful. If someone were to ask me if I would ever imagine an event such as that, I would tell them, “Only in New York.”

The atmosphere of New York lures you in and it’s hard to escape its grasp. I visited the largest tourist sites and went on a city bus tour to absorb as much knowledge as I could about the places I had been. The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, the American Museum of Natural History, and so much more. I won’t forget to mention the Broadway musical. When my family and I planned this trip, I wasn’t keen on watching a boring show for two hours when I could be exploring the city. However, the musical Aladdin contradicted all of my prior expectations. It was a magical production, and I couldn’t have wished for anything better.

I thought too soon, as we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. I was aware of New York’s extraordinary food, but I didn’t accept it as the truth until I took my first bite. The whirlwind of flavors that took over my taste buds was the beginning of many. The variety of food venues I had gone to each had their own unique taste, but they all remained consistent to the ambiance of New York.

Although it was unexpected and unpredictable, New York has showed me the intriguing aspects of the world that surrounded me, and that is what made it beautiful. It was not only a trip, but an experience. Attempting strange, new things, taking risks, and being open minded allowed me to accept the unexpected that was New York.

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