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Author: Cassidy Stratton

Tags : England, Europe, Exploring, France, London, Paris, Quarter Finalist, Spain

Goodbye Chicago! Hello Europe!

When we boarded the plane in Chicago, my peers and I knew there was no turning back. No more hiding in the comforts of our hometown. No more kisses from mom and dad. No more communication with friends and family back at home. This was it; all we had were each other.

Author: Rachel Claus-Walker

Tags : England, Europe, Exploring, London

My European Adventure

In 2010, I was granted an amazing opportunity to travel to Europe to visit my Aunt! I eagerly accepted this offer and had to soon go through what everyone does -- the passport step. This seemingly easy task took three months to finish. If it wasn't the photo machine not working, it was missing birth certificates posing a problem.

Author: Stephanie

Tags : England, Europe, Exploring, London

St. Pancras: It's North of Sydney, I Think

So, a Londoner, an Australian, and a group of Americans walk into a bar…

            No, replace the bar with an entire city. That, perhaps, of the capital of England, and this story rings true, though the scenario evidently merits an explanation.

With twenty-four hours in London, the pressure was on. We had two millennia of history to cover and, in light if the London Underground strike of the summer of 2009, nothing but our feet to carry us from destination to destination. Thus, the challenge was on.