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The Hidden Octopus
Costa Brava Caves

My family and I eagerly dipped our toes into the golden sand of Costa Brava and admired the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea after over an hour of scenic driving through the suburbs in Spain. The crisp air and mesmerizing blue waters ensured a promising day of kayaking through the rocky alcoves only a few miles from the beach.

Enthusiastic to begin our adventure, my sister and I hopped into our designated kayak, teasing each other about who would be doing the grunt work. Together, over the next half hour, we explored the riveting caves and colorful sea life that lurked just beyond the edges of our kayak. The wildlife all around could have come straight from a National Geographic documentary.

Suddenly, the tour guide came to a stop near one of the ominously dark caves that littered the coast. Without any warning, he announced we would take a short break to go cliff jumping.

My sister and I peered at each other and the intimidating rocks nervously; neither of us had been cliff jumping before.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, I jumped out of the kayak onto the smooth rocks and began to climb to the ledge. My heart pounded rapidly in my chest as my parents and sister cheered me on from below. When I reached the jumping point, I realized the water seemed deceptively further away now than it had when I was at sea level.

To soothe my nerves, I took a deep breath. Slowly, I counted down, and then I jumped into the deep, cerulean water. For the split second I was suspended in the warm, spring air, it was as if I had been empowered by jumping into the unknown.

As my toes touched the wavy surface of the Mediterranean Sea, the icy spray of salt water spattered against my wet suit and I heard the loud “splash” of my impact. Kicking my feet rapidly to reach the surface, I felt happiness blossoming from within. By the time I reached the surface of the water, my smile was radiating.

Swimming back to the kayak my sister and I shared, I barely noticed the frigid waters. Pulling myself back into the kayak, I felt only the high of my adrenaline. I had accomplished something completely outside my comfort zone.

We continued the excursion snorkeling and kayaking purposefully along Costa Brava. At one point during snorkeling, the tour guide identified an octopus that almost disappeared among the reef. It was amazing to see animals in their natural habitat. The abundance of sea life came to together in a kaleidoscope of color. Over the sound of the waves, the distinct cacophony of birds filled the air. As my family and I kayaked back to the beach, the water seemed to sparkle like diamonds, priceless in its beauty.

Upon our return to the beach, we were given the opportunity to fill our empty stomachs on native cuisine. The excursion company provided sandwiches crafted from locally spiced meats, fresh greens, and soft bread that blended to create a flavorful meal. As we ate and strolled along the boardwalk, the friendly ambiance gave the area a safe and cozy feel.

Hours later, while riding back to the city, my family and I reflected on the amazing adventure. Excursions Barcelona, the company that organized our tour, made our time at Costa Brava absolutely remarkable. Now, one month later, I consider this travel experience as one of my most treasured memories and a highlight of my time in Spain.

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