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The Beauty of Things Untouched
I could not believe my eyes. There, spread before me and the world, was Yellowstone National Park, with its millions of trees, thousands of animals of many different species, and one-of-a-kind geysers of different assortment.

           The sheer beauty of it was difficult to take in all at once. It took me several minutes to suck in a crisp gulp of air that you only find in the mountains of the world. It was a wonderful feeling. Every aspect of the Park was just mind-blowing. How the animals so naturally lived in harmony with the people, how preserved the Park itself was, and the absolute sheer beauty of it.
           After we all made it past those first few moments of shock, we continued chugging along the paved road until we were impeded in our journey by a mile-long chain of vehicles of every size and color. I guess you could call my family and me “newbies” for not knowing what was going on, but trust me, it would not be the last time this phenomenon would happen. So like a snail the car moved forward, until we were starting to see people getting out of their cars and taking pictures. What could it be? I craned my neck as far as it would go to see out that tinted window and my eyes finally beheld it: a brown momma bear with her two cubs.
           They were so perfect. It was almost like looking at a family portrait. Although the momma did not mind all the publicity, I knew that if anyone were daring enough to get just close enough, she would protect those babies. The three of them were just sauntering along, locating berries and their favorite vegetation, stuffing it in their mouths paw-full after paw-full.
            I exited the van with my own camera to capture this amazing moment on film. I snapped a few pictures off. Then another couple. Soon I had a dozen or so of the same scene, and it continued like that for the next ten or fifteen minutes as I followed those three bears down the road. What did I care that I had the same four pictures over, and over, and over again? They were all genuine to me, like a souvenir.
           Even though this one event is not even close to describing all that there is in Yellowstone, I hope it’s like a little slice of it, a window to another world, because it was for me. Those three days we spent in the Park went by much too fast, and it was a sad feeling knowing that I wouldn’t be able to stay there forever, but it has inspired me to apply to apply for a job there during my summers of college. That day was just the beginning of a new mindset of mine to venture off and see what other beauties this enormous world has to offer. It is unbelievable how much I haven’t seen, and I intend to see it, one way or another. I absolutely recommend heading out to Yellowstone National Park; it brings complete strangers together for a common reason, and you will never ever get bored, I promise.


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