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It took a while, but I have successfully traveled through the roller coaster that is love once over, a ride through my own soul and conscious. I went to Ireland, inside another's enjoyment, and through heartbreak. I met my now close friend over three websites,,, and, and one chat application, Skype. Other than the obvious dating sites, these three allowed me to find people with my same interest to communicate and bond with over aspects of shared hobbies, and may aid others by highlighting new friends instead of merely individuals searching for romance.


The experience began from a shared interest, season fourteen of the Pokemon anime, and a unique look at one of the characters, which we both hold attributes with, a high-spirited passionate girl named Burgundy. Other than the two of us, few were privy to the full picture of the exchange, neither the friendship aspect nor my momentary frustrations could be fully recounted by others outside of the two immediately involved.

The entire ordeal, from early 2011 to mid June 2012, allowed me an unforgettable experience into the desires, emotions, and psychological impressions that a long-distance relationship can bring. Luckily, flattery is not negative when sincere, but too much sweetness and sappiness can spoil one's appetite in the future. Attempting to forge a relationship in the mourning period of another often leads to disaster, especially regarding the feelings held before one's entry into another's life, I have learned.

Three weeks of dating and countless more to get over the leveling of hormones, the feeling of status reduction, and a new understanding of love song lyrics taught me the value of understanding another's needs and aspirations. I gained insight into how not only my level of musical affiliation and views on relationship possibilities affected my actions, but also how to back off of someone when they require less of me. In addition, I gained a deeper personal vendetta against "leading someone on" in a romantic sense, as no one deserves to think of themselves in a committed relationship when other factors may jeopardize such an arrangement.

Even news of future and past crushes showed me the ephemeral and changing nature of the likes of some people; dreams on the subject revealed a connection to people of more than the type that I believed would appeal to me. My interests grew fine-tuned in the areas of sexuality-related actions, which I shall incorporate effectively into my future writing pieces, along with my ex's serious and educated speaking style.

I still have much to learn, being barely old enough to truly understand life, but I believe I am bounds ahead of my starting point, before I met my ex. I will never be able to dismiss any type of relationship category completely now, and I alternatively hope for and dread a second ride of love, for the world does not have too many kind people who will take one's views into account and take spats in a mature frame of mind.

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