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I woke up, feeling a bit tired and a bit hungry. The Captain announced the passenger on board to get ready to leave. I got up and regroup with my family. We later took our first step outside the aircraft and onto the Vietnamese airport station. The heat instantly striked us. My body instantly detects the hotness of the environment and its telling me its hot. You can almost compare the temperature with a desert but more green, as in tropic. The air is very thick. This feeling, I remembered as a child. This is Vietnam. After a couple hours, we reached to one of my relatives house to stay in. One our way there, I saw many motorbikes around the narrow road. Motorbikes users have outnumbered car users. The scary part is that the road is very narrow. It was almost half the length of the road in America! I was expecting a motorbike collision with a car(I was in the car). The buildings we pass are very close space and small but tall. On the first floor, for each building, was the shop. Above the first floor is the place where the owner of the shop lives. Each building has aleast three floor. I also notice a couple Soviet Union flag hanging out on one of the building. I realized Vietnam is a Communist Country but I don't heard much bad things happening around that involves with their government, so I feel a bit safer…for now. 

During our trip, not only we went sight seeing but supply our relatives with clothes and toys, ate dinner on a boat, and shopping. The young ones really like the toys we brought. They would play it for hours! The older ones however, likes the style of the clothes from America. One night we, as a family, decided to have a special night together on a boat. We gathered as many family memeber we can fit on the boat. We sailed off into the West Lake of Hanoi, the largest lake in Hanoi. We had varieties of food. Most of them involves with aquatic creatures like fish and shrimp. They were well cooked and delicious. We also had karaoke on the boat. My goodness, were they loud? I'm serious!!! My family put the volume on full and sanged really loud! I would have been deaf throughout the boat ride. They music was even louder than my mp3 on full volume! Then we went shopping at a vietnamese shopping center. Each shop is yet close space and small. Clothes, shoes, fans, purse, scandels, and etc are the items being sold. But me and my family didn't buy anything though.

We later spend the days moving to the south of Vietnam. Most of my father side relatives live there. Moving to the south however will not help you escape the heat. Relatives are fun to be around. The best part is that some can speak English(I'm not vert fluent with my Vietnamese). The place I stay in, ain't close space and its far from the city. The house is literary surounded by lands of crop.

My summer vacation was fun and enjoyable though the envirnoment is just a bit hard to adapt to. I saw the building struture of each house, I slept on hard tile ground, ate delicious fish and shrimps from a lake and meet up with my relatives I didn't know about or heard of. When I enter the airplane, all I thought I thought about was my home in America. My sweet, soft, and comfy bed. My puffed up pillow and my big and comfy blanket. Home sweet home, people would say.

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