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Travel has always taken place within the human race, raising the question: what drives the need to travel and why is the pursuit of travel never ending amongst our kind?


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Signing Up
     I learned the trigger for mankind’s adventurous aspirations when I signed up for a program with Colorado Youth at Risk, called Steps Ahead. CYAR told ninth graders (like myself at the time) that once we committed to the program we would be provided with a mentor and a community that would always have our back. Of course that is not what perked my youthful interest. What had me sold was the promise of a three day trip to Buena Vista in the mountains with free food, games, and a ropes course. But in the end my journey wasn’t unforgettable because of recreational activities, it was because of what I learned about myself and the bonds I had made in the process.

Day One
     Somehow my curiosity over powered my shyness when I boarded a travel bus with vaguely familiar faces. The adult chaperones advised us to drink plenty of water to avoid high altitude sickness but I knew that home sickness was more likely to strike (because despite the fact that I was only going to be a short two hours away from home, I was still embarking on a seventy-hour two journey of the unknown).

Day Two
     What did I get myself into? These CYAR people actually wanted me to wake up at six in the morning for a mile run followed by blindly falling backwards off a stage into the arms of strangers, and to top it off, I was volunteered to be the first to jump from a thirty-foot high platform. I was reluctant as could be! But with the support of my new community my fear turned into courage.

  I ran the mile as fast and as hard as I could just to prove to myself that when I feel like I have nothing left… I do. I fell into the arms of strangers to teach myself to trust and I jumped from that towering platform declaring,  “I am jumping to prove that I can believe in myself for once!” because it was the first time I actually started  believing that I can be anything I want to be.

Day Three: Reaching Home
     Catalysts for human migration can range from horrible tyrannic governments and economic downfalls to needing a relaxing five day vacation. But regardless of the cause, all ventures have these intentions in common: the pursuit of a better life and self discovery.

     On the last day, as I peered out the window of the travel bus, I realized that I helped satisfy my search for a better life because I saw things inside myself that I wouldn’t have if I had stayed at home. As trees disappeared and buildings returned to view I resolved that life is a trip where we can rack up miles with destinations like Buena Vista, but in the end, travel is just a commodity for gaining experience. And as a result of my experience I found that the most priceless gain from travel isn’t exactly a trip to the farthest parts of the world rather, it is getting a ticket to a deeper understanding of one’s self and who we all are as people but sometimes in order to do so: you have to travel far outside your comfort zone to reach the closest distance — the heart.

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