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In the past five years, my family and I have traveled to many different states. I have family spread out all over the world. I love being able to take a vacation and travel to see them. I can honestly say all experiences, but one, were successful.

          This particular trip happened while dropping my sister, Amanda, off at college in Texas. Our main problem, for this trip, was we did not have a good working vehicle. My mom spent a lot of money trying to fix the car. There were four of us on this trip; Amanda, Brandi, my mom, and me. My mom and Amanda had to drive from Las Vegas, NV, to Fort Worth, Texas. It took us about 2 days to get there, with the car trouble and all, so we ended up checking into motels for the night. It was also an opportunity to let the car take a break. The hotels were definitely not five stars, but it was what my mom could afford. On the way to one of the hotels a bee had flown into the car, Amanda started flipping out. It was hilarious! I think that was the only funny thing Brandi and I remember from that trip.

          When we finally managed to get to Texas, things started to turn around. It was a nice break away from driving and having to fix the car. The campus was huge! There were so many activities that Amanda could participate in. Brandi and I, being teenagers, only checked out the college guys. After walking around the campus and checking everything out, the four of us went to eat at the cafeteria. The food was delicious and very appetizing. After lunch we helped Amanda set up her dorm room and bed. Her roommate had not shown up yet, so she had first pick of which bed she wanted. Because she had so many things, she made a new friend that helped transport everything to her room. The people there were very nice. We stayed for dinner, and finally got to meet her roommate. Her name was Sophie, she did not talk much, but she seemed sweet enough. The three of us said our goodbyes and headed for home. Since it was almost dark we pulled into a cheap hotel to spend the night, finally having done what we set out to do. Drop Amanda off at college, check. The real problem was getting back to Vegas without the car giving out on us.

          We did manage to make it back to Vegas, without the car giving out on us, and with a few lessons learned; get a vehicle that will make it all the way with no problems, stay by one another when things start to get tough, and make the most out of every situation. Someone, somewhere, has it worse than you do.

          When things are not really going the right way, people tend to get angry at themselves and the people around them. Best advice, try to keep calm and just be there for support. Even in the worst of times we still managed to find something to smile about. Telling jokes, and just enjoying each other’s company. It is not easy facing these situations alone. Everything turned out fine, but in the end it is a lesson that we learned. In this time of struggle, we bonded in a way that is indescribable. In all honestly, everything worked out for the best. I got to experience an incredible bond, with the people that I love, that I never thought I could experience.

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