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The Beauty of the Bahamas at Night

The real magic happens when I close my eyes. I usually squeeze them really tight when I want to get a good feel of the ocean breeze in my face. As the sun settles in for the night, the sand beneath my feet cools and moistens. Sea Turtles wash up on shore to get a better view of the orange and red blended horizon. Even though the scenery is stunning, I can’t help but to notice that my daughter’s smile and glistening eyes outshine her surroundings. As she splashed in her child-made puddle of deep blue water, toy shovels, and seaweed, not one curl of her silky hair fell, frizzed, or misplaced itself.


The timing of the sun set and my mother’s entrance was flawless. In her silhouette, the way her hand was on her hip and her stance against the strong wind gave proof that she was powerful beyond measure. The gentle flow of the flowers wrapped in her hair made her look as if she was a goddess who demanded the world’s attention. I always walk to the bar when my favorite song comes on, Good Life by One Republic. I order my usual Pinna Colada. A swirl of pineapple, strawberry, and creamy flavored happiness fills my glass, topped off with a split strawberry and half a pineapple slice on the brim.

I always end my moments in paradise by the fire with my family. The smell of Smores caresses my nose and soothes my mind. I see my husband leaning over to kiss Jia’s forehead. I look to my right and view my mom opening her mouth to catch the marshmallow dripping off her Graham Cracker. The music, flames of the fire, and rapidity of the waves move in slow motion until everything suddenly pauses.

I open my eyes and roll over in my bunk bed. I don’t attempt to walk to the kitchen because I know the only thing I will find is disappointment. I go in my mom’s room and watch her unfold another bill on her bed. She knows I’m standing here, but doesn’t make eye contact because she doesn’t want to show the wariness and small, but present tears coating her eyes. I may not have been many places like the Bahamas or experienced many other styles of living outside of an apartment in a socioeconomically low area, but I have dreamt before. My teacher said, “Success is when your dreams put on work clothes.”

Therefore, my dreams inform me that my future isn’t determined by my present state and I will, eventually, make my dreams become reality. This specific imaginative journey has been the most unforgettable experience of my life because it sets the stage of my life and puts goals in place for me to follow. I am also grateful for ”dream journeys” because they allow me to see what I can become despite my surroundings and financial issues. When there isn’t gas in the car, money for a plane ticket, or time to travel far away, I still have my mind and it can take me wherever, whenever I want to go.

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