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More Great Summer Vacation Ideas

Will this summer be for mountain hikes and canoeing? Beaches and sandcastles?  Shopping, shows and food truck tours? Perfecting your Spanish, celebrating our National Parks? Whatever your pleasure,...

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Top 10 National Parks For Family Vacations

Everyone agrees that the national parks are a treasury of great escapes from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Working with an annual budget over $3 billion and a crew of...

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hiking in woods
New England Camping For Novices

Are you ready to join an experienced camper and learn how to make New England wilderness camping more fun with young kids? Hope so! As a native of Boston, Massachusetts, I have often sought out more...

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Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park
Blizzard Beach, Orlando’s Cheap Theme Park

Blizzard Beach, a Disney water park, is one my favorite places to take my sons Wyatt, age 10, and Joseph, age 12, as well as my husband. Done up only as Disney can do, a day at Blizzard Beach is all about...

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Couple visiting the Long Room at Trinity College, Dublin
Ireland is Our Land

It must have been the "Luck of the Irish" rubbing off on us when three generations of our clan set down at Dublin airport to sunny 70°F (21°C) weather... and it stayed that way for the entire week. That...

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No-Cost Fun In Indianapolis, Indiana

Head to Indy for concerts, museums, history, transportation and endless fun throughout spring, summer and fall (winter's cold!) The best things in life are still free, at least in Indiana's capitol of...

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FTFChat Twitter Tips On Money And Family Vacation Planning

Learn from Twitter Tips that came out of a Family Travel Forum -

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A San Francisco Tahoe Weekend Away

Our San Francisco Tahoe Weekend is a brief, wallet-friendly California road trip. Drive from fabulous San Francisco to the sunny slopes of Lake Tahoe's mountain resorts to get...

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Custom Itinerary: San Francisco And Yosemite on Tight Budget

Q.  Cathy P. and family of St. Peters, Missouri are visiting San Francisco and Yosemite National Park and want budget hotel and sightseeing ideas along...

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