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Aquarobics class on standup paddleboards off the coast of Palm Beach, Aruba.
Traveling to Aruba Checklist – The Best Vacation Ever!

Ensure a Safe and Enjoyable Aruba Family Vacation or Remote Work Break with the Traveling to Aruba Checklist. In July 2022, public health authorities lifted the

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Space X Falcon 9 lifts a Space Dragon to the ISS
Where to See a Rocket Launch: Top Spots for Space Enthusiasts

The Jumbotron was bellowing “T -6, 5, 4...” when suddenly the sky ahead burst into flames. We were on the shore of Banana Creek, about 4 miles from Cape Canaveral’s Launchpad...

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Boy and girl spalsh in the water off of the Nantucket beach. Photo by Garrett Patz for unsplash.
51 Summer Trip Ideas – Plan Your Perfect Family Vacation

Happy Summer! As the warm season approaches, many of us eagerly seek out inspiring summer trip ideas, looking for the perfect destination to escape to. Whether you can't wait to...

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Legoland California Miniland Thanks First Responders to COVID
Legoland California Review – A Kid’s Paradise

The imagination of my two boys skyrocketed as they built and built their adventures in Legoland...

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Group of skiers on the slopes at Portillo in Chile.
Chill South American Ski Resorts in Chile And Argentina

Find snow sports in "summer" at top South American ski resorts in the Southern Hemisphere. Long known to international elite athletes, the names Portillo, Valle...

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woman at laptop computer
Best Sites for Vacation Packages – Top Travel Deals

We are often asked how to save money with vacation deals, so we are sharing our favorite sites for discount travel booking. We really do use them all. So, we're delighted to unveil...

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Beautiful old banyan tree in a park. Photo by Palinska for pixabay.
Sustainable Travel: 8 Ways To Travel Responsibly As A Family

Sustainable travel and ecotourism were always hot topics around Earth Day (April 22, 2024). But, when the pandemic put the world on pause and we watched our environment begin to...

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Lighthouse off the coast of Fort Pickering in Salem, Massachusetts. Photo by 28457529 via Pixabay.
Halloween Witches In Salem, Massachusetts

In search of Halloween witches in Salem, Massachusetts? Ready to give up the Sunday football game to take the kids exploring? Nothing is as Halloween focused as

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Family and dog pose in front of sign for Glacier National Park, Montana.
The Truth About Working Remote In Our Camper For A Year

It’s late spring, my daughter takes her last steps out of preschool, and we prepare for a future of working remote in our camper. We pack up only the necessities, throw everything...

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