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Students Can Learn from Disneyland’s Storybook Adventures

A Disneyland vacation, like a storybook adventure, will always be something that is somewhat of an heirloom, being handed down generation to generation, no matter the age when you first visit. It's a family vacation we save for, spend time planning out to every last detail, and one we want our children to remember for the rest of their lives. I'm going to help you maximize the magic and warm memories...

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Magic Kingdom at Disneyland.
Take a Ride Through Disneyland’s Storybook Adventures

We all have sacred family traditions and storybooks from our childhood that we still hold dear today. I bet for a lot of us, one of the most magical childhood vacations we think about is Disneyland. The rides, the characters we loved so much, the treats Mom and Dad made special exceptions to buy, and the endless laughter. A Disney vacation is somewhat of an heirloom, being handed down generation to...

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Families swimming off side of gulet in the Aegean Sea.
51 Great Family Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer vacation is the traditional time for families to reconnect, with generations coming together to recreate favorite childhood memories and make new ones. But this year, what a roller coaster.  And we’re not talking about this summer’s latest theme park attractions. We’re talking about the havoc the COVID-19...

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Are Hotels Safe in the Age of Coronavirus?

Having tested negative for COVID-19 after a two-week road trip where we slept in a B&B, Airbnb, motel, historic inn, boutique resort and several chain hotels, we can confirm that hotels are safe in the age of coronavirus. The trick is staying alert to the many ways you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Introduce Family Camping To Little Explorers

Is it time to introduce family camping to your little explorers? This year especially, when warm nights beckon cooped-up kids to brave the wilds of the back yard and beyond, you'll have to be ready. Here are some favorite recommendations, resources and vintage children's books about family camping to make you a seasoned pro.

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The animal cast at the Hershey Park Zoo
The 51 Best Virtual Family Vacation Ideas for Staying Safe During this Pandemic

No worries about budget -- or logistics – with our guide to 51 best virtual family vacation ideas for beating this pandemic while staying home safely.

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International Living report.
Expats Living Abroad Are Sheltered During the Pandemic

Americans and other expats living abroad have been sheltered by their adopted communities during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, say correspondents for InternationalLiving.com, the respected resource for global retirement and relocation options. IL correspondents are at home in different countries around the world, so...

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Tulip Time In Holland

There's nowhere like Keukenhof Gardens in springtime to introduce the beauty, color, scent and creative potential of flowers to children on a family visit to Holland.

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Alaskan malamutes in parking lot
Pets on the Road: Car Travel Tips for Your Pet

Keep the family's four-legged best friend healthy during car travel with pets and you'll never hear him barking "Are we there yet?" again. The following road trip tips are compiled from FTF’s community of pet travellers to help you make a long road trip or any car travel with pets (see

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Rendering of plaza at Al Wasl Pavilion where the native Ghaf tree will be featured.
Dubai World Expo Is A Dazzling World’s Fair

The United Arab Emirates once anticipated welcoming millions of visitors to a dazzling Dubai World Expo in 2020 but their dream was posponted due to the impact of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The international exposition is now scheduled to take place Oct. 1, 2021 to Mar. 31, 2022.

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