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Selfie station for moon walkers at the Armstrong Air & Space Museum.
50 Cosmic Ways To Celebrate Space

July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing when Commander Neil Armstrong took his “first step for man, giant leap for mankind.” It was a huge achievement for 1969 – meeting...

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Koala playing on an Australian tree stump
The 10 Best Family Activities in Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a seaside city that’s loaded with family-friendly activities. Beautiful beaches and one of the world’s most stunning natural harbors combine with big city verve to hit all the right vacation...

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Anti-tourism sign
Making Travel Sustainable

Travel close to home, stay longer, and don’t go at all are key takeaways from ITB Berlin on how to make travel sustainable. In a year when being able to sustain the rapid growth of global...

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A Journey to the Heart of Australia – the One and Only Ayers Rock (Uluru)

It was late June and my hubby and I were still undecided as to where to spend our winter holiday, but we had our hearts set on an adventure -– we just didn’t know how tremendous of an adventure it...

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5 top tips for an unforgettable multi-gen holiday

Taking your whole family on holiday is not an easy task to pull off, and making everyone happy on said holiday is just as impossible. When the age gaps are so big everyone tends to disagree with each...

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Australia’s Outback By Train

The classic train journey aboard The Ghan between Adelaide and Darwin reveals how immense, how vast, how achingly, stunningly wide and endless is the Australian desert.Flying by plane...

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Nemo’s World

Come aboard as three generations cruise along Australia's Great Barrier Reef looking for "Nemo" and his undersea friends -- and find them.“Can we visit Nemo again?” asked my eldest son as...

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Meet Melbourne, Australia’s Capital of Cool

Central Melbourne is filled with a gorgeous and eclectic combination of wide, easily walkable boulevards and narrow, graffiti-covered alleys. This contrast perfectly conveys what makes the city so diverse...

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Hopping Around Adelaide And Kangaroo Island, Australia

We began our Australia journey in the city of Adelaide, located in the province of South Australia. An odd choice, some might think, but...

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