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Destinations Where Black Lives Matter

Explore these historic sites, institutions and destinations where black lives not only matter, they fuel fascinating cultural conversations too few travelers know about.

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The Promenade ties Fort Wayne's riverfront to its downtown.
Family Ties To Fort Wayne

With many kid-friendly attractions, comfy and affordable accommodations and welcoming brewpubs, Fort Wayne, Indiana is the kind of place families immediately feel at home. I don’t actually have family ties to this friendly town, but I suspect their amazing genealogy research center will soon find ties to all humankind.

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Connor Prairie living history museum welcome center
Best of Indianapolis and Indiana for Kids

The heart of the Midwest and a city to emulate, Indianapolis, Indiana boasts several kid attractions as well as leading efforts in sustainable development and wellness. It's a place where families find electric ride-share vehicles, organic farm-to-table cuisine and educational institutions advocating social change -- and it's not the only progressive place in this surprising state. Called the "Hoosier...

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No-Cost Fun In Indianapolis, Indiana

Head to Indy for concerts, museums, history, transportation and endless fun throughout spring, summer and fall (winter's cold!) The best things in life are still free, at least in Indiana's capitol of Indianapolis. Spend the day listening to music, learn about the city's rich history, get involved in the Arts, and make your way through downtown: all for free. You might discover that Indianapolis doesn't...

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Give Up a Night at 10 Unique Hotels

Want to skip the mass market hotel room for an Instagrammable sleeping experience your friends and family may envy – and the kids will remember forever? Travelers have a bigger choice of hotels and vacation rentals than ever before, as independent properties experiment with new forms of hospitality...

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6 Boutique Hotels That Get What Families Want

For the past decade, millennials have fueled the growth in boutique hotels, forcing the major chains to launch their own “boutique” products such as Hilton’s Curio, Hyatt’s Andaz and Marriott’s Autograph Collection. Yet the definition of a boutique hotel is still in flux – 35 years after pioneer Bill Kimpton opened the Clarion Bedford Hotel in San Francisco with a hosted wine reception;...

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Top Baby Beach Getaways

Parents review their top baby beach getaways for that first vacation when your tiny traveler needs a gentle introduction to the pleasures of sun, sand and waves. As parents, we can't wait to introduce our babies to the world.  We make a fuss about their first taste of ice cream, their first visit to the zoo, and their first airplane ride.  One of the pleasures...

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Custom Itinerary: Camping Out in Indiana

Q. Crystal H. of Dundee, Michigan asks for help in planning what to do and where to camp out in Indiana for her family and friends, a group of 11 in total.A.  Thanks for your request for ideas on camping in Indiana, where you will be traveling with a large group for 11 days in May 2011.As...

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Indiana’s Holiday World

Take your preschoolers on a long summer weekend to Indiana to savor the kindest, gentlest theme park in the central US. "I'm thirsty!"  Gabby, my 5-year old complains.  The day we visited Holiday World Amusement Park in Santa Claus, Indiana is a scorcher, and she's starting to drag.  No problem!  There isn't much in this world that's free, but...

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