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Boy and girl spalsh in the water off of the Nantucket beach. Photo by Garrett Patz for unsplash.
51 Summer Trip Ideas – Plan Your Perfect Family Vacation

It’s time for our annual roundup of the 51 best family summer trip ideas! Whether you can’t wait to explore a fantastic summer vacation spot -- or you’re concerned about...

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woman at laptop computer
Best Sites for Vacation Packages – Top Travel Deals

We are often asked how to save money with vacation deals, so we are sharing our favorite sites for discount travel booking. We really do use them all. So, we're delighted to unveil...

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Beautiful old banyan tree in a park. Photo by Palinska for pixabay.
Sustainable Travel: 8 Ways To Travel Responsibly As A Family

Sustainable travel and ecotourism were always hot topics around Earth Day. But, when the pandemic put the world on pause and we watched our environment begin to heal itself, sustainable...

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Cranberry colored Gerups felt slippers with rubber soles are caught out on a walk through a Greek village. Photo c.
Celebrate Givers Of Life: Top Gifts For Moms And Dads

Other than planning breakfast in bed or a fancy brunch, what do you usually come up with as gifts for Moms and Dads? We try to imagine which experiences or useful items might make...

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One of the outstanding rock faces at Wadi Rum where climbers go for an unforgettable adventure. Photo c. unsplash
Jordan: Your Gateway To Adventure In The Arab World

Jordan is a stunning country in Arabia that will wow you with adventures. Explore its tranquil natural reserves, discover breathtaking historical sites, and tour cities with a...

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Babysitters on the road can make your trip much less stressful.
6 Tips For Taking A Babysitter On The Road

Use this guide to negotiate with the relative or nanny who will become your babysitter on the road. Planning to travel with anyone is critical to a trip's success. Prepare for...

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Woman teaches baby how to swim in indoor pool.
How To Teach Babies And Toddlers To Swim

As parents, we want to know how to teach our babies to swim because the desire to see, feel or hear water is universal. People from all walks of life seek its soothing yet refreshing...

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Boy wearing a surfer's rasher to guard against the sun at the beach.
Fashionable Sun Protection Clothing

Protect yourself and your kids with sun protection clothes, hats, sunglasses, and other products that are effectively UV resistant and stylish. Increased awareness of the power...

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Cruise ships docked at Caribbean port
15 Family Cruises With Kids: Setting Sail for Unforgettable Adventures

Ready to say Bon Voyage? It’s time for our annual cruise with kids directory. Cruise holidays especially appeal now to multigenerational...

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