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Idaho has Gone to the Dogs

Traveling with pets is not always easy; but in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, bringing your dog along for the vacation is a breeze. Recently named America’s most dog-friendly city by DOG FANCY, Coeur d’Alene is now the winner of the 2011 DogTown USA competition. What does that mean for families...

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A Golden Morning at Goldbug Hotsprings

We arrived after dark with our packs loaded and ready to hike.  There were four of us and we were all severely overloaded for an easy one and a half mile hike and two night stay.  I was carrying eighty pounds of gear in my pack and I felt the burn of tired muscles just in the short walk from the car to the trail head.  My dog carried my water, some cooking supplies, and his food,...

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ROWing Down The Salmon River Idaho

Experience a luxury family vacation along the Salmon River in Idaho with the tour company ROW, and meet a crew of other whitewater rafting families. I sat with 21 wind-blown city slickers, including 11 skittish souls between the ages of 5 and 12, around the pool of the Clarkston Quality Inn. As the wind howled off the Snake River, we pondered the question asked by a deeply tanned, ruggedly...

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Summer At Sun Valley Resort, Idaho

A traditional family resort in Sun Valley, Idaho offers recreation during both summer and winter seasons.Readers may remember my review of Sun Valley's spectacular ski experience a few years back -- and it remains one of my favorite places to take the kids for winter family fun. But once the snow melts, Sun Valley, Idaho is transformed into a summer playground with non-stop activities and a...

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