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Private tub cabana at Riverbend Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, New Mexico
Hot Springs of Truth or Consequences

Spa going in the hot springs of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico is a quirky family endeavor that may start your kids on a lifelong path to wellness. It's also among the most affordable winter...

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Roswell crash site model is on show at the International UFO Museum in Roswell.
In Roswell, Aliens Among Us

When a loud noise forced foreman William Mack Brazel to hop in  his pickup truck and inspect Foster Ranch, he found such strange debris in a corn field that he assumed it was the wreckage of a UFO and the victims, aliens. That was July 2, 1947. About 75 miles away, the closest New Mexico town -- Roswell -- quickly became known as the “flying saucer crash site.” Roswell has long played...

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Navajo artisans display their jewerly in Gallup, New Mexico.
Gallup True to Itself

From 200 feet up, the scrubby arid plains of the Navajo Nation surrounding Gallup look soft and inviting, welcoming visitors to pause along Route 66 for a closer inspection. This northwest corner of New Mexico is a melting pot of Navajo, Zuni, Spanish and Anglo cultures -— a very affordable place where the landscape, local traditions and welcoming people guarantee memories your family will not...

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Cabins are the favorite accommodation for families in Ruidoso
A Cabin Country Family Reunion in New Mexico

Most Texas families are familiar with Ruidoso, a picturesque mountain town just two hours’ drive from El Paso that’s cool during summer and snowy in winter. Thanks to moderate prices, a variety of recreation and dining, plus some cultural entertainment, Ruidoso's appeal to empty...

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Road Trip USA: Exploring The Diverse Cultures of New Mexico

Exploring the byways and Camino Real of New Mexico -- from Albuquerque to Taos -- makes a Southwestern road trip adventure with many unexpected pleasures. New Mexico offers a unique fusion of Native American, Hispanic and Anglo cultures, making it a particularly interesting place to explore. With 22 Native American tribes in the area, there are 19 pueblos (villages), in addition to numerous...

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10 Places To Focus Your Eclipse Watching Skills

With today's total solar eclipse crossing America, interest in the universe is sky high. Since everyone in the United States can observe a partial to total eclipse of the Sun for the first time since 1918, we suggest you watch our

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The Skier First Makeover Plan for Taos Ski Valley

Change continues at Taos Ski Valley, a New Mexico mountain resort whose 2013 purchase by billionaire hedge fund manager Louis Bacon had sent a shudder of anxiety rippling through the ski world. Since its founding in 1955 by ski pioneer Ernie Blake, Taos had been owned and managed by the Blake family, first by Ernie and his wife Rhoda and later,...

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The Millennium chairlift at Ski Santa Fe.
Ski Santa Fe, New Mexico’s Multigenerational Mountain Resort

Thanks to its proximity to Ski Santa Fe in the mountains just to the east, this historic southwestern city affords a multi-generational skiing family with easy access to an array of diversions for the skiers and non-skiers alike. Many members of my family are avid skiers or snowboarders—but not all. This has always made going away on a ski vacation together a challenge: The non-skiers tend...

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Re-Visiting Our Original Tiny Traveler Award Winners: 1998 to 2015

In 1998 the concept of "family travel" was not as refined as it is today, with hotels mainly targeting the 5-12 age set when it came to services and activities. So, Family Travel Forum set out to discover the best getaways for new parents with infants and toddlers under 3-years of age. After months of research, investigative reporting, site inspections and networking with parents, we came up...

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Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa, New Mexico

A previous winner of FTF's Top 10 Getaways for Family Togetherness award,  Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa, New Mexico was honored along with other hospitality, timeshare and eco-tourism businesses...

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