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I Love NY selfie spot at LaGuardia Airport Terminal B
Why LaGuardia Terminal B Is The Future of Airports

LaGuardia Terminal B represents the future of airports with spaces to feed the body and soul and artwork, safety features and conveniences to love.

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Girl with sun tan marks from face mask.
Reopening Soon? Summer Travel in the Untied States

Look ahead to travel reopening during summer 2020 and you’ll know why we call it the Untied States of America. The...

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5 tips to prevent spread of coronavirus
How Coronavirus Will Affect Your Travel Plans

Updated Mar. 29, 2020. As Passover, Easter and summer vacations approach, families around the world are very concerned about the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and its impact on...

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Turkish Airlines toy kit for travelers.
See Istanbul with Free Sightseeing and Stopover Tours

We really appreciate what Turkish Airlines has done to make families feel welcome, by offering free sightseeing and stopover tours in addition to in-flight toys, family entertainment...

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7 Safety Tips To Keep Flying Babies Safe

New research based on data from inflight accidents has led doctors to reexamine the travel safety information given to parents of infants and toddlers. These new recommendations for safer airline...

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8 Must-Know Tips For Infant And Toddler Air Travel

Protect your baby's health in-flight, as well as the sanity of other passengers (and your own!), with these helpful air travel with baby tips -- good for the holidays and all year round. With...

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10 Tips To Avoid Hassles At U.S. Borders

Whether your cellphone contains confidential business documents or you’re packing homemade cranberry sauce, unless you’re exempted by diplomatic status, everyone crossing U.S. borders is subject...

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Making Lemonade on an Emergency Airport Layover

I got a pound of lemons: an air traffic delay in Fort Lauderdale, a flight cancellation, being rerouted to Chicago O’Hare, an accident at LaGuardia, emergency airport closures, and a snow alert that...

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What are the Best Airfare Life Hacks?

What are some good ways to save on plane tickets and on air travel in general? Because of the emphasis on price competition, consumers may choose from a wide variety of air fares. It is easy...

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