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Beachfront pool of Mahekal Beach Resort, Playa del Carmen.
Playa del Carmen Best Places To Stay

Mexico's busy little port Playa del Carmen is a hotbed of small boutique hotels and condos that are the best places to stay for families who want to get away from large all-inclusive...

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Kansas City, Missouri Attractions

Welcome to the "Heart of America" where Kansas City attractions include hundreds of majestic water-spouting monuments, haute culture and yummy barbecue await families.

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Washington Monument and Cherry Blossoms
Washington DC Family Attractions

There are hundreds of free family attractions in Washington DC, the American capital where presidents and their legacies are celebrated, and now it's also a very cool city to visit, with...

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London skyline and London Bridge
London, England Attractions

Having studied the top London, England attractions from iconic Big Ben to high fashion, I can say that this city is electrified by centuries of history and the energy of its forward-thinking...

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Colonial era homes in Philadelphia's Historic Districts.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Attractions

Take a closer look at spots tourists love and local families' favorites to discover don't-miss attractions when exploring Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with the family. To make exploring easier, Philadelphia...

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Grover's Alpine Express is a blast!
Family Fun At Busch Gardens Williamsburg

What started out in 1969 as a 3,000-acre tract of land for a brewery on the James River in Virginia is now home to what some consider the most beautiful theme park in America,

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Chevy Chase in car for
Car Trip Survival Kit

We polled staff and site visitors to compile a list of the top 30 health, safety, and entertainment items guaranteed to keep road trip travelers -- from infants to adolescents -- in their seats. So, without...

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Mantis, Cedar Point
Summer Fun At Cedar Point Amusement Park, Ohio

Cedar Point, the world’s roller coaster capital in Sandusky, Ohio, promises big fun for thrill-seeking families and little fun for the youngest park fans. This 364-acre peninsula of fun jutting into...

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Petit St. Vincent is surrounded by the stunning water of the Caribbean.
Petit St. Vincent: A Luxurious Digital Detox

If your family is ripe for a digital detox, consider an escape to Petit St. Vincent, a vacation paradise so perfect you won’t miss checking your e-mail. In today’s high-tech world,...

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