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    Rob Lane

    Seattle to Florida Keys, or Miami. We would possibly like someone to drive are car 12/31/19 from Seattle to Florida Keys..:)) thanks, Rob & Amy Lane [email protected]

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      Forrest Patrick

      I can drive your car. I live in California but I have family in Florida. You can contact me at [email protected] or 6614945686

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    Hi I am driving from Chicago to Phoenix Arizona December 16th or 17th 2019. I am available to drive your vehicle, I have a clean driving record and only charge $.35 a mile. Please call 847-401-9436 if your interested.

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    Kathryn Skotnicki

    I’m looking to travel from Seattle/Portland area to either SF or LA in November. Plenty of driving experience (I did a drive from someone from MD to San Diego last year) and I drove a lot for work! If you or anyone you know needs someone for this drive let me know! (Also I can do LA to Seattle in December!)

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    umberto bonetti

    I do not need someone to drive my car cross country. I need exactly the opposite but I do not know where to write it.
    I would like to drive a car from NYC to Los Angeles or San Francisco, starting October 16.
    Very flexible conditions, flexible arrival date.
    Driving permit and background check completely clean.
    Anybody interested ? Please contact me by e-mail([email protected]) or call me: 212/860-0294. Please leave a message if I do not answer.

    My best to everybody.

    Umberto Bonetti

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    Rich Hargrave

    Hi Gaea, I’m an LA native who’d like to drive your Corolla from CA to NC. I’ve lived in Dallas, Nashville, and San Diego, and have a very clean DMV H-6 record. Please contact me at [email protected] to discuss. Thanks.

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    I’m moving from Northern CA to North Carolina and am looking into car transport options. I have a 2012 Toyota Corolla.

    I’m noticing that so far shipping options are way out of my budget & I don’t have time to drive myself.

    Is anybody interested in driving my car in early November?

    Thanks 🙂

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      Rich H

      Hi Gaea, I’m following up to find out when this cross country trip driving your 2012 Toyota Corolla will occur. It’s now early November, 2019, and I’m in L.A. I’ve a couple friends who love their Toyota cars and my clean driving record should make this an easy trip. Catch me either way at [email protected]. Thanks.

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      Gaea, I’m interested in this route. N. CA has relatives that I’m due to visit. I have places in LA and Phoenix to sleep on the way, to reduce overall cost. I have relatives in Texas and NC that I should visit. Please email [email protected] so we can talk a deal.

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      Rich Hargrave

      I’d like to help you out. I’m an LA native, college grad and have lived in Dallas, Nashville, and San Diego. Clean DMV record too. We can discuss this further at [email protected]. Thanks. Rich

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    Joshua west

    I am a licensed Washington state driver. I am stuck in kansas trying to get back to wa. If anyone is traveling from kansas to wa. Please email me immediately. Thank you very much.

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    I will be making a one-way trip from Texas (Dallas area) to California (Sacramento area) in the January/February time frame. If you need your vehicle driven/relocated in that direction, I’d be happy to help. My requests:
    1) Give me at least 3 full days to make the trip (about 600 miles per day)
    2) Allow me to bring my dog (she will be in a transport cage, not roaming around your interior)
    3) Make sure the car is in good working order and you have proof of insurance that will
    cover me in the event of an accident
    4) Split gas costs 50/50 (I’d request a deposit for this, amount TBD based on vehicle size; more for a large SUV that uses more gas; less for a smaller vehicle). I will provide detailed purchase records.

    I can accommodate departing/delivering to a broader geography (i.e. leave from Austin and deliver to San Francisco) with additional day(s) allotted.

    I have a perfect driving record with no accidents, DUI, etc. and can provide copies of records if requested. Contact me if interested.

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    Kris Price

    Hi, I need to have a trailer moved from St Louis to Phoenix AZ. I would need someone who owns a truck to pull it or rent one and then fly back to St Louis. Would like a quote…. thank you.

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    Zainab shaikh

    We have to travel with our family of four to flagstaff from lahabra city on 25th sep evening or 26sep morning with our luggage so we need a uhaul trailer attached kindly ctc

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    Holly L

    Not sure how this works, but i’m willing to drive someone’s car from Chicago area (preferably the NW suburbs) to Corsicana, TX, but willing to drive to Dallas, near the airport or further southeast of there.

    I’m a 55 yr old woman, perfect driving record, non-smoker, non-drinker, just need to get myself to Dallas some time in December or Late February. No fee, just you pay for gas and 1 hotel night.


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    Looking for someone to drive my car from Westchester County, NY to Hilton Head Island in April, 2020. We will be flying to Hilton Head but want someone to drive our car with my wife’s wheelchair and her adaptive equipment down to SC. It will be great if the same driver drive our car back to our home.

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    Mike Ryan

    I need my 2000 Toyota 4runner driven from Providence RI 02906 to Pelham TN 37366

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    Need someone to drive my car (Toyota Prius) from Southern California (laguna beach) to Denver, CO in early October.

    Feel free to contact me directly at 949 478 4957

    Kind regards,

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    Larry Purcell

    I am a 69 year old male with a clean Ontario driving record, and available to drive a car from Toronto to Florida, Oct 8, 9, or 10th October 2019. Also available to drive a car back to Toronto from Florida October 17, 18.
    It would be nice to hear from you.

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    helen nast

    Hello, I am looking for someone to drive my GMC Acadia from Media PA to Palm Springs Ca, late Sept-early October. Please contact me asap, Thanks

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      Luke Wolmarans

      Hi Helen.We can help.Plse ctc for a

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    Hi there!

    My name is Annie and I am hoping to drive cross-country as I move from California to New York in October. I am available from October 14th – October 26th, however I can offer some flexibility on these dates if need be.

    I have driven cross-country twice and have also completed several solo excursions around the South West and up and down the West Coast. My driving record has been squeaky-clean in the six years I’ve had my license. Please let me know if you’re interested at [email protected]. Thank you for considering me!

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    Natasha Leclerc

    Can drive someone’s car late September to first week of October from Ontario, Quebec, Maine, New York or Michigan to Coastal Washington. Phone number is +1647-523-5994 (text/call/whatsapp). We are a couple (Canadian + French) travelling to Vancouver to attend a scientific diving symposium.

    Natasha + Louis

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    Jenna Criswell

    Hello! I’m looking to drive from the east coast to the west coast from September 5th or 6th to roughly September 15. I am a 26yo mechanical engineer, and I will be driving with my sister who is moving west to attend grad school in Seattle. I have a perfect driving record and would be happy to cover gas. Send me an email at [email protected]

    Thanks so much!

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    I would like to move my car from Brewster, ny to Concord, ca, by end of September 2019. Please let me know the details of the move cost.


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      Harika – I would like to inquire about driving your car from NY to CA. I am a mechanical engineer driving my sister to the west coast as she is going to grad school there. We are planning on leaving on September 5th or 6th, arriving in California by September 15. I have a perfect driving record and would be happy to speak further! Send me an email at [email protected]

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    Diane F Haber

    I need a driver from Chicago to Fort Lauderdale, FL. I need to travel with you in the car. September or October 2019.

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    Diane F Haber

    I need to find someone who can drive me and my car from Chicago, IL to Ft Lauderdale, Florida ?
    In September or October, anytime you are available.

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    I am looking to drive from east coast (I am in DC) to west coast (moving to San Diego). Would not ask for money, just need to transport a car east to west so that I can get out there with a few of my belongings. Starting new job mid Oct, so preferably early October. [email protected]

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    David Lopez

    Hello everyone .new here. I’m a 55 years old man. Ex marine with 4 adult kids. If you need a dependable person to drive your car or Uhaul. Call me I live in new jersey. My phone number is 818-210-7995

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    Brian Regan

    Looking for someone to drive my daughters 2010 Prius to her college in Tivoli NY
    Flexible dates for departing but would like the car to get there between 08/26/19
    and 09/02/19

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      Mark Dougherty

      In your post you did not put your starting location also it might help putting your email address because sometimes it takes a day or two before My Family Travels posts your post on their website. I would suggest re-posting your post with your email and starting point. Due to medical issues I am currently not available to offer my service. You might also consider posting on Craigslist Rideshare.

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