Costa Rica

Author: B. Marshall

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La vida pura

When I finished 7th grade, my sister, Ashley, told me she wanted to take me to Costa Rica for my 14th birthday.  She had just finished a study abroad program in San Jose. I was so happy because this would be my first time out of the country. And for my birthday!  How cool!

La Ciudad

Author: Kathryn Sclafani

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Costa Rica: A Cultural Experience

“No culture can live, if it attempts to be exclusive” (Gandhi).  I believe Gandhi is trying to tell us that by exposing one’s self to cultural diversity, you will improve yourself and your own culture. This is why I enjoy traveling. I believe when you visit other countries and immerse yourself in their language and traditions, cultural barriers begin to breakdown. You become aware of others customs while also enriching your own culture.

Author: Lauren Smith

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Fearless Venturing

Riding horseback up the side of a steep hill through the thick jungle leaves that blocked the path ahead, I never thought they would get me to make it this far.  I consider myself an adventurous person; I’m just cautious.  Ocean kayaking?  Done it.  Hawaiian helicopters?  I explored the Big Island of Hawaii.  White-water rafting?  I think I’ll pass.  Zip line over canopies a thousand feet high?  Are you mad?  The obvious answer to me: yes.  So how did it come to be that I actually ventured to do such wild activities?  Pure adre

Author: Barrett Cole

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The Misadventures of Barrett and the Costa Rican Sloth

I once read somewhere that Costa Rica is the land of “no artificial ingredients.”  After my visit there, I must admit I have come to agree.  Not only were the sights and sounds of nature in Costa Rica some of the most beautiful and authentic I have seen, but I meet, in particular, one interesting character along my journey that took me into another world.  He didn’t say much-he was a sloth after all-but he left a lasting impression of that visit for years to come.

Author: Haley A.

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I Jumped Off a Waterfall: Conquering Fears Through Travel

Author: Emily

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A Sheltered Girl from Kansas Comes Across the Harsh Realities of Poverty in Nicaragua

For my junior spring break, I went on a trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica with my friend and her parents.

I went zip-lining over the rainforest. I watched gorgeous scenery pass by on bumpy tour bus rides. I saw monkeys and a sloth in the tall trees near Lake Arenal. I relaxed by the pool and ate authentic Costa Rican food like gallo pinto, plantains, and fried cheese.

Author: Jenny Rudnicki

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Pura Vida! to Costa Rica February 2011


Author: Emily Harrell

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Pura Vida

Author: Jazmin Frenn

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Sweet Home Costa Rica

Looking out the window of the 757, I could already see the familiar surroundings of the country I once called home.

It was July of 2010, and five years since my family and I moved away from the most beautiful country in the world.

Author: Nicole Ramos

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You're Only As Tall, As Your Heart Will Let You Be.

VBS: Vacation Bible School. In other words, the challenge at which a group of brave souls attempts to present the Gospel in a fun manner to a large group of crazy, excited, squirmy children. Ok, so it’s not as scary as it sounds; it’s actually really fun. But when you are in a foreign country such as Costa Rica, and the only thing separating you from 200 little munchkins is the language and cultural barrier, it gets pretty intimidating. That is, until you are introduced to a little someone who changes your view on happiness.